17 Jun 2009

Videos from Caltaf Track Classic

Videos from the Caltaf Track Classic: Senior Men’s 400m http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187294-senior-mens-400m-caltaf-classic-06122009 Junior Women’s 400m http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187461 Midget Boy’s 800m http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187298-midget-boys-800m-caltaf-classic-june-12th-2009 Junior Men’s 800m #1  (Scotty ties for the win in 1:55.48?!) http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187299-junior-mens-800m-section-1-caltaf-classic-june-12th-2009 Junior Men’s 800 #2 http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187297 Senior Women’s 800m http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187301-senior-womens-800m-caltaf-classic-2009 Senior Men’s 800m #2  (Nyial’s ridiculous kick) http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187303-mens-senior-800m-caltaf-classic-heat-2-june-12th-2009 Senior Men’s 800m #1 http://www.flotrack.org/videos/play/187458 Senior Men’s 400m […]

15 Jun 2009

JD Results from the CALTAF Track Classic

Robin’s report: Congratulations to all of the JD athletes – Bryce, Daniel, John, Matt Shaw, Steven, Thomas Kellner, Thomas Wood, Austin, Charlie, Matthew Springer, Tynan, Eric, Jackson, Alex Charlesworth, Max, Patrick, Sean Thuna, Ben, Amy, Chanelle, Nicole, Sarah Hughes,Shaylene, Allson Stephen, Jasmine, Melanie, Melissa, Rebecca, Sofia, Antha, Rachelle,Chase, Janessa, Delainy, Emma, Anna, Madelaine, Teaghan and […]

11 Jun 2009

Caltaf Track Classic FINAL Preformance List

The Caltaf Track Classic Performance list as of 2pm June 11.

10 Jun 2009

Caltaf Track Classic FINAL Schedule

Final schedule for the 2009 Caltaf Track Classic can be found here.

8 Jun 2009

JD Results from New Balance Meet #3

Report from Robin: Congratulations to JD athletes Daniel, Matt Shaw, Steven, Thomas Kellner, Thomas Wood, Tynan,Charlie, Matthew Springer, Eric, Jackson, Alex Charlesworth, Lockie, Patrick, Ben, Chanelle,Nicole, Sarah, Shaylene, Sofia, Antha, Janessa and Madelaine, who competed in the 3rd and final New Balance Meet yesterday. There were some excellent results. Here are the highlights:

8 Jun 2009

Calgary Hershey Meet Results

Report from Robin: I would like to offer my congratulations to JD bantams Chase, Janessa, Emma, Madelaine, Eric, Charlie,Ben, Patrick, and Sean, who qualified for the Hershey Provincial Championships, which will take place in Edmonton on Saturday, 20th June. Each of these athletes qualified for the Provincial Championships by placing in the top four in […]

8 Jun 2009

New Balance #3 pictures

Here are some pictures from the BBQ after New Balance meet #3. Holly and Abdel both winning modest prize money: Holly for winning the 800m and Abdel for placing 2nd in overall points collected throughout the series. (thanks to Sal for the pictures)

5 Jun 2009

Caltaf Track Classic Preformance List

UPDATE: The Caltaf Track Classic Performance list as of 2pm June 11. The Caltaf Track Classic Performance list as of 3am June 05.

26 May 2009

Prizes at NB Athletics Series meet #2

Jason handing out prizes at the NB Athletics Series meet #2

26 May 2009

Videos from several meets

Below are videos of Caltaf athletes from several recent meets Women’s Indoor 800m season opener at the Jack, Dec 6th NB 2k Men’s Steeple, May 3rd NB Men’s 1500m, May 24th (thanks Sal Delle Palme for the videos)