Caltaf Clothing

Caltaf Singlets

***New athletes must purchase a singlet during registration. Returning athletes can purchase a new singlet at the time of registration as well***

All athletes are required to wear a Caltaf singlet for competitions. They are available for purchase at the time of registration at a cost of $65.

Please make an estimate about the size as the athlete will sized correctly when the singlet is picked up. We will let the athletes know when the singlets are ready to be picked up.

Awesome Optional Clothing

The rest of the Caltaf clothing may be purchased at our exciting new clothing site.  This site has a broad range of stock and most items can be customized.  Please go to

These items are ordered through the website and delivered to the address of your choice.  The site carries a wide range of stock:  tops, bottoms, coats, bags and accessories.  Check it out!!

Please note:  All items are created as a custom order.  Please pay attention to your logo selection and sizing.  The size charts seems to be accurate.

For any clothing questions, please contact Jenn at