Athletics Alberta Indoor Provincials


Great results at Indoor Provincials March 12/13, 2022

Distance Group at Alberta Indoor Provincials


It was an exciting weekend in Edmonton for the Senior Distance Group coached by Christine and Trent.

First up was Megan who asked if she could run a 60m for the first time in competition. We do work on pure speed in practice so we let her enter. Obviously as this was her first 60m she set her own PB in the heats. We were all happy to see her make the final! In the final she PB’d again and placed 6th in her heat. She finished 17th in the province.  Megan then went on to run the 4 X 200 relay later in the day. On Sunday Megan ran the 300 with a PB, placing 6th and the 600 just off her PB. She finished off the weekend with a 4 X 400 relay earning a team bronze medal. Great running Megan.

Victor was next and he was in the 1000m. He ran a steady race and PB’d with a 2:39.38. He ran a 4 X 800 relay later in the evening. On Sunday he was very excited to run the 600 and once again he PB’d huge (1:24.38) and placed 2nd in the Province. He too finished off the weekend by running a 4 x 400m relay.

Jonah and Lauren decided to make the trip for one day of racing. They both ran the 1000m. Jonah, PB’d with a time of 2:35.85 and kicked the last 100m to try and catch his old Dino Buddy Liam. Lauren came close to her PB from pre covid and ran a 3:08:74. She ran all the laps of her race consistently and was happy to be back to solid running and racing. They both ran a 4 X 800 to finish off their day.

The two Kates ran next. They both ran the 1500 and 3000. Kate Hos competing in the U18 category ran a 10:16.98 (PB) and a 4:45.91. She placed 2nd in both events behind her team mate but these times were fast enough to have her ranked as Number 3 in the country. Kate Ukrainetz, ran for the last time for this season as a Dino… She improved her 3K time by over 15 seconds (10:46.01) finally breaking that 11 Minute barrier.  This was truly a break through race for her. She followed up the next day with a PB in her 1500. It was exciting to see her passing people throughout the race.

As you can see it was a great weekend for our group and we are all now looking forward to achieving our outdoor goals and breaking our PB’s again … Excellent effort everyone.

The power speed group (coached by Kim Cousins, Paul Sze, Alister McQueen and Paula Mckenzie) had a spectacular weekend.  There were many personal bests, medalists and Provincial Champions.  We also had two Canadian Records. Congratulations to Everyone! Simply Awesome!

Sprints and Hurdles

Nick Emerson – U20 – 60m Hurdles       Provincial Champion

Ephrem Fischer – U16 60M Hurdles       Provincial Champion

Amelia Cha- U18 60m Hurdles-                Silver Medalist

Grace Majer – U20 60m Hurdles              Bronze Medalist


Alexi Wallace U18 4×200                           Provincial Champion

Thane Parker U18 4×200 Mixed              Provincial Champion

Leah Pachet U18 4×200 Mixed                 Provincial Champion

Grace Majer U20 4x400m                         Provincial Champion

Ephrem Fischer U16 4×200, 4×400        Provincial Champion

Sydney Kemp U20 4×200.                         Bronze Medalist


Sydney Glover U18 Triple Jump               Provincial Champion

Julian Rakochy U18 Pole Vault                 Provincial Champion

Ephrem Fischer U16 Long Jump              Provincial Champion

Stephanie Nwoye U18 Triple Jump         Silver Medalist

U 18 Long Jump              Bronze Medalist

Amelia Cha          U18 Long Jump              Silver Medalist


Jasmyn McCulloch F46 Open Shot put  Canadian Record Provincial Champion

Sarah Mickey F55 Open Shot put            Canadian Record and Provincial Champion

Doran Janse Van Rensburg

F33 Open Shot put            Provincial Champion

Elizabeth Duff F40 Shot put                     Provincial Champion

Andrew Livingstone F41 Shot put            Provincial Champion

Thane Parker U 18 Shot put                       Bronze Medalist

Rachel Andres Open W Shot put               Bronze Medalist

Rachel Andres Open W Weight Throw    Bronze Medalist

Paul Sze Masters M Shot put                      Provincial Champion

Paula McKenzie Masters W Shot put       Provincial Champion


Great job this past weekend!! Lots of Personal Bests, exciting runs, jumps and throws.


U14 Girls Tetrathlon

Katie 12th, Matisse 14th, Daiya 16th, Melissa 18th, Carley 20th, Imogen 25th, Elizabeth 27th, Ella 30th, Leah 31st, Lauren 32nd

U14 Boys Tetrathlon

Provincial Champion Odin, Xander 2nd, Weston 3rd, David 5th, Christian 16th

4x200m Relay:  Provincial Champions!! – Ella, Imogen, Carley & Catherine, 3rd – Elizabeth, Leah, Lauren, Katie

U16 Provincial Medallists

Ephrem – Provincial Champion – 60m Hurdles, Long Jump

Anais – Provincial Champion – High Jump

Adam – 2nd 60m Hurdles

Bromley – 2nd 600m

Grayson – 3rd High Jump

4x200m Relay – Provincial Champions!! – Talan, Ephrem, Dawsen, Adam

4x400m Relay – Provincial Champions!! – Adam, Grayson, Gabriel, Ephrem

4x400m Relay – Provincial Champions!! – Anna, Katie, Taylor L & Kamsi

4x800m Relay – U18 – Chelsea 2nd

Non-Championship Event

Adam 1st 200m

Kamsi 3rd 200m


The Crew

Chloe T U18 Women 1st 1500m and 3000m

Jaya B U20 Women1st 600m

Kai D U18 Men 1st 1500m

Sydney C U20 Women 2nd 1000m

Jean F U18 Women 2nd 600m and 3rd 300m

Mackenzie U18 Women 3rd 1000m

Grace U20 Women 3rd 60mH



4x400m U18 Women 2nd:  Jean F, Mackenzie, C, Alexis N, Chloe T 4:23.39

4x800m U18 Women 1st:  Mackenzie C, Sadie W, Isla S, Chloe T 10:36.76, 2nd Manpreet A, Chelsea C, Eloisa C, Alexis N 11:15.83

4×400 U20 Women 1st:  Jaya B, Hayley S, Kate H, Grace M 4:19.49

4x400m Mixed 1st Nathaniel L, Manpreet A, Eloisa C, Kai D 4:09.48

4x800m U20 Men 1st:  Victor G, Kai D, Tim K, Nathaniel L 9:19.98