Caltaf Governance

Caltaf Board Members

Caltaf members are invited to contact any board member by emailing

  • Cam Kramer (President)
  • Tim Fowlow (Treasurer)
  • Pamela Fischer (Secretary)
  • Analicia Toge (Director/Officials Coordinator)
  • Luis Leote (Director)
  • Ed Moore (Director)
  • Don Morgan (Director/Policy Review)
  • Mark Kuipers (Director)
  • Deidre Choate (Director/Policy Review)

Caltaf Governance Records

If you are a Caltaf member, you are free to review the Caltaf bylaws, handbook, financials, and certain other records.

Contact the Caltaf office for copies of any of the following documents or follow the link if available:

Caltaf Policies are available here.


Club Excellence
We have an official Club Excellence Level 1 Certification.