What an amazing year CALTAF has had with so many athletes working hard to achieve their personal bests.

In our Club over 96% of you have earned personal best performances this year. We have over 300 people in our Club with 30 coaches and staff working hard to help you to become faster, stronger and be able to jump higher. We wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on your performances and the hard work and dedication it takes for all athletes to dream it, to believe it and to achieve it!

We want to share with you not only our great work with our Cheetahs and our Junior Development Group, where we take time to build not only athletic attributes but to build character, group dynamics, and long-lasting friendship, but celebrate our performance pathway athletes as well.

Here are the team Members that have made Team Canada and Team Alberta to represent themselves, our Club, our province, and our nation. Congratulations to all!

 Commonwealth Games Team 

First time in Club History!!

Sarah MickeyPara Throws!

World U20 Championships

First time in Club History that we have THREE athletes qualify for Junior Worlds in the same year!!

Amy CandriicSprints/Hurdles
 Ella ClaytonSprints/Hurdles
 Chloe TurnerDistance
Canada Summer GamesAmy CandrilicSprints/Hurdles
 Tom DrysdallSprints/Hurdles
 Jasmyn McCulloughPara Throws
 Andrew LivingstonePara Throws
 Chloe TurnerDistance
 Konrad KruscheThrows
 Anton KuipersDistance
 Caiden SchultzAll
Legion U16/U18 Alberta TeamAmelia ChaJumps
 Ephrem FischerCombined Events
 Dayley ReimerThrows
Tri Province TeamAmy CandrilicSprints/Hurdles
 Amelia ChaJumps
 Ephrem FischerCombined Events
 Sydney GloverJumps
 Zaria HuqCombined Events
 Jett HasiukSprints/Hurdles
 Doran Janse Van RensburgPara Throws
 Anton KuipersDistance
 Konrad KruscheThrows
 Taylor LawSprints/Hurdles
 Andrew LivingstonePara Throws
 Jasmyn McCulloughPara Throws
 Harrison OrpePara Throws
 Thane ParkerThrows
 Jack RakochyJumps
 Breanna SchultzThrows
 Chloe TurnerDistance
 Max WebberDistance

As we look through these names, we can see the depth and breadth of our Club. We have had success not only at the Cheetah and Junior Development Levels but with our Senior athletes who will attend World Championships and Commonwealth Games. We have athletes making it onto teams in many disciplines, Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Distance, Para. This helps support our structure and pathways that we have created in our Club, where our athletes develop to achieve their best through our system. Whether you are with Caltaf because you want to meet a great bunch of people and learn new things, or plan to contribute to your high school track and field team, or if you want to become one of the best in Alberta and in the future one of the best in Canada, the pathways that we have created in Caltaf are in place to help you achieve your goals. This list, as well as those that have achieved personal bests and had some fun along the way, help solidify that we are on the right path and our philosophy is working. Our long-term development plan is creating opportunities at every level!

Thank you to the athlete for your work, effort, and representation of Caltaf on our behalf. Thank you to you, the parents that help drive, feed, sleep, worry, cheer, and, importantly, volunteer so that we can provide competition opportunities. Thank you to the coaches who work tirelessly with all these folks, not just on the practice field or during the track meet, but the hours it takes to design and develop these programs so that these athletes are ready. Thank you to the Board, that helped to guide and forecast so that the Club is strong and organized.

Finally, thank you for helping to build Caltaf into the best Club in the Country! We are most proud of our community and our people and the pure and simple joy of seeing athletes with Caltaf on their chest, having the biggest laughs, smiles, hugs, and friendships! This is what sport is all about.

Have a tremendous summer. Best of luck to those athletes on Teams.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in the fall.