2021 Athletics Alberta Awards


On March 17, 2022 we celebrated with Athletics Alberta as they honoured their membership – athletes, officials and coaches. They showcased our athletes’ achievements in 2021. It wasn’t quite a normal year but we did our best and these athletes certainly gave great performances in 2021.

CALTAF was incredibly well-represented at these awards and we are so proud of all of our coaches, athletes and volunteers.

The virtual event was co-hosted by none other than our very own Paula McKenzie. Paula is an Athletics Alberta board member and helped write the current AA awards policy. Paula is a coach, athlete, and CALTAF club administrator. Thank you Paula!

And here are our amazing CALTAF winners and nominees from the evening:

U16 Male

Jett Hasiuk, formerly of Caltaf!

Jett ended the 2021 season ranked 1st in the Province in the 800m running 2:05.14.

U18 Female

The finalists were:

Chloe Turner, CALTAF and Amy Candrlic, CALTAF

And the winner is … Chloe Turner!

Chloe had an outstanding year in her first outdoor season. She ended the season ranked #1 in Canada in the Mile, and #2 in both the 1500m and 3000m.

Female U20

Ella Clayton, CALTAF

Jinaye Shomachuk, CALTAF

And the winner is … Ella Clayton! Ella was named to Team Canada and participated in the World Juniors in Kenya. Throughout the meet she kept working her way through the heats and earned her spot into the Final. In the 400m Final, she ended up placing 6th in the World and ended her season with another Personal Best. To be able to perform like that only means that she has a very bright future in our sport. Congratulations Ella.

U20 Male nominee:

Tom Drysdall, CALTAF

Senior Female nominee:

Rachel Andres, CALTAF

Top 10 U10 Male

Ryker Stewart, CALTAF

Joshua McLean, CALTAF

Isaiah Hiebert, CALTAF

Uyi Ehirhieme, CALTAF

Fraser McLean CALTAF

Cameron Hendrick, CALTAF

Hudson Laidlaw, CALTAF

Ilyas Hoffman, CALTAF


Top 10 U10 Female

Ellie Toth, CALTAF

Vera Swanson, CALTAF

Taylor Cribbie, CALTAF

Avery Dillabaugh, CALTAF

Emily Panich, CALTAF

Charlotte Pono, CALTAF

Sévana Larocque, CALTAF


Top 10 U12 Male

Bennett Stearns, CALTAF

Logan Avey, (AV) CALTAF

Reid Mitchell, CALTAF

Max-Ellis Vargas-Lennard, CALTAF

Noah Cataniag, (Cat-a-knee ag) CALTAF

Fraser Warne, CALTAF

Nolan (Veld-hone) Veldhoen, CALTAF


Top 10 U12 Girls

Katie Kavanagh, CALTAF

Audrey Ferguson, CALTAF

Charlotte Smithanik, CALTAF


Top 10 U14 Boys

Ephrem Fischer, CALTAF

Odin Ward, CALTAF

Calder Murray, CALTAF


Top 10 U14 Female

Kamsi Boghean, CALTAF

Sadie Snyder, CALTAF

Bromley Causton, CALTAF


Female Para Athlete

Sarah Mickey of CALTAF

— a woman who set two new personal bests in the 2021 season, setting new marks in both discus (23.47 metres) and shot put (6.98 metres). Sarah finished 6th at the Tokyo Paralympics in Discus


Top 10 U10 XC Female

Aspen Boire, CALTAF

Ella Forma, CALTAF

Lilian Vantura, CALTAF


Top 10 U10 XC Male

Andrew McMorris, CALTAF

Fabian Vataman, CALTAF

Matthew Jarman, CALTAF

Evan Sharpe, CALTAF


Top 10 U12 XC Female

Katie Kavanagh, CALTAF

Noelle Pols, CALTAF

Imogen Stevenson, CALTAF


Top 10 U12 XC Male

Charlie Galbraith, CALTAF

Fraser Warne, CALTAF

Lachlan Macphie, CALTAF


Top 10 U14 XC Female

Bromley Causton, CALTAF


Top 10 U14 XC Male

Ephrem Fischer, CALTAF

Calder Murray, CALTAF


U16 XC Female

Kate Hos, CALTAF

Kate is a newcomer to our sport. She comes with a love for the sport already as both her parents were runners. She joined Caltaf after her school season and has never missed a workout since. She is continuously improving and displayed that work ethic at Cross Country Provincials where she won the U16 race. There is definitely more to come from this young lady and we can look forward to more outstanding results in the future.


U18 XC Female          

Chloe Turner — Tied at first for the U18 XC females.

This past Cross Country season Chloe was undefeated during the High School season and capped off the year as the High School City Champion, High School Provincial Champion and at Nationals she placed 6th.


High Performance Coach of the Year


The recipient of this year’s High Performance coach of the year is a gem to para and able-bodied athletes alike.


Kim Cousins!


Kim has been a high-performance trailblazer in the sport of track and field over her 20 year career with Caltaf.  Kim has been a Coach with Caltaf since the early 2000’s and has developed athletes from beginner all the way through to the Olympic and Paralympics in both winter and summer.  she has coached on many able body National, International, and Olympic teams and Paralympic teams throughout her career and in  2021 had three athletes competing at the Paralympics in japan.  Kim not only has developed high performance athletes, but also high performance people who continue to contribute to the athletics community outside their events. Congratulations, Kim!


And congratulations to all of our amazing winners, nominees, athletes, coaches and volunteers. We are so looking forward to what comes next!