Cheetah registration for the new sessions in September is NOW OPEN!
Registration for the regular programs will open on August 27th!

Athletes are responsible for all costs associated with traveling with the team to track meets. (Caltaf Office book the travel and then invoice the athlete).  There is a mandatory Athletics Alberta fee of $65-110 depending on the age of the athlete (Athletics Alberta is our governing body and the AA fee is forwarded by the Caltaf Office directly to AA).

To offset these costs, we offer bingo and casino opportunities as well as other fundraising options throughout the year.  There is also an athlete assistance fund and other grants such as Jumpstart and Kidsport that are available if needed.

For athletes who have demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement and hard work, a training camp or early season meets in the US will occur in a warm-weather location during the spring. The purpose of this camp/meet is to give athletes a jump start on the outdoor training and competition season. Training camp consists of multiple daily training sessions.

Starting March 2024
Registration Fee – $400.00
AA Fee – Between $65.00 and $110.00 (depending on the age of the athlete)
Singlet – $65.00

April 1, 2024
Registration Fee $400.00

June 30, 2024
Volunteer fee $300.00 – If the volunteer requirement has not been met, this fee will be assessed on June 30th.

How to Register

The online registration process will take approximately 10-30 minutes to complete. A separate registration form must be completed for each athlete.  Before beginning the registration process, please make sure that you have the following:

  • Athlete’s Alberta Health Care Number
  • A credit card to process the payment, (we accept both Visa and MasterCard; we do not accept Amex) 
  • The Athlete.  Section 3 requires the signature of the Athlete (even if they are under 18)
  • See registration link below and enter the password 6d99237708


Please note that all new athletes are required to purchase a singlet at the time of registration. The cost of singlet is $65.00. Additional clothes can be purchased, see Caltaf Clothing Page


General (11 + years old) Cheetahs (8- to 10-year-old) Summer Camp (7 to 14 years old)
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Password is 6d99237708