Hershey Canadian Outdoor Youth Series 2015 Results

In our final outdoor meet of the 2015 season, the Cheetahs had a great time and some big personal bests were set by:  Sarah F (LJ and BT), Tegan H (LJ and BT), Ryann P (LJ), Julia H (LJ), Charlotte L (LJ and BT), Julia B (LJ), Emma (LJ), Malcolm B (80m and LJ), Tyler S (80m and LJ), Josh R (LJ), Lucas (LJ), Josh B (LJ), James M (LJ and BT), Tyson S (LJ), Holt E (LJ), Jaxon H (LJ and BT), Kayin SO (150m, BT and LJ), Michael T (LJ and BT).

Cheetahs Top Performers of the Meet

U8 Girls – Sadie S

U8 Boys – Michael T

U10 Girls – Charlotte L

U10 Boys – Jonas M

U12 Girls – Sarah F

U12 Boys – Tyler S

Top Performers in each event:

Sarah F 1st U12 Girls 80m 12.02, 1st U12 Girls 300m 49.28, 1st U12 Girls 600m 2:02.71 and 1st U12 Girls Long Jump 4.23m

Robyn M 1st U12 Girls Ball Throw 24.70m

Charlotte L 1st U10 Girls 80m 13.23, 1st U10 Girls 300m 58.07, 1st U10 Girls Long Jump 3.41m and 1st U10 Girls Ball Throw 14.97m

Emma B 2nd U10 Girls 600m 2:29.08

Sadie S 1st U8 Girls 80m 14.86 and 2nd U8 Girls 150m 27.48

Malcolm B 1st U12 Boys 80m 11.81 and 1st U12 Boys Long Jump 4.11m

Tyler S 1st U12 Boys 300m 50.57, 1st U12 Boys 600m 2:03.65 and 2nd U12 Boys Ball Throw 32.99m

Jonas M 1st U10 Boys 80m 13.51, 1st U10 Boys 300m 56.54, 1st U10 Boys 600m 2:25.32, and 1st U10 Boys Long Jump 3.12m

Rylan F 4th U10 Boys Ball Throw 15.77m

Michael T 1st U8 Boys 80m 14.94, 1st U8 Boys 150m 28.51

Rhett M 1st U8 Boys 300m 1:05.42

Kayin S 1st U8 Boys Long Jump 2.80m

Michael T 2nd U8 Boys Ball Throw 11.16m

Congratulations Team!