Cheetahs – CALTAF Classic 2015

We had 70 Cheetahs competing at the Caltaf Classic and they had a terrific meet. Numerous personal bests were set and there were many smiles at the end of the weekend.

Cheetahs Top Performers of the Meet

Tyke Girls – Ivy M                                         Tyke Boys – Brett W

Pee Wee Girls – Sarah F                               Pee Wee Boys – Tyler S

Bantam Girls – Sarah Z                                 Bantam Boys – Alex M


Congratulations to everyone, Go Cheetahs Go!


Top performers in each event:

Alex M Bantam Boys Discus 9th 18.96m

Sarah Z Bantam Girls Discus 13th 13.52m


Brett 1st Tyke Boys Ball Throw 25.50m

Taryn 1st Tyke Girls Ball Throw 12.13m

Robyn 1st Pee Wee Girls Ball Throw 26.40m

Tyler 3rd Pee Wee Boys Ball Throw 30.71m


Sarah F 1st Pee Wee Girls Standing Long Jump 2.05m

Ivy 1st Tyke Girls Standing Long Jump 1.69m

Tyler 1st Pee Wee Boys Standing Long Jump 1.93m

Kolos 3rd Tyke Boys Standing Long Jump 1.61m


Sarah Z 15th Bantam Girls High Jump 1.10m

Zac 24th Bantam Boys High Jump 1.15m


Alex M 25th Bantam Boys 800m 3:00.26


Eva 14th Bantam Girls 80m Hurdles 17.42

Zac 19th Bantam Boys 80m Hurdles 17.67


Brett 5th Tyke Boys 60m 11.12

Malcolm 2nd Pee Wee Boys 60m 9.24

Amoya 1st Tyke Girls 60m 9.70

Sarah F 1st Pee Wee Girls 60m 9.25


Sarah F 1st Pee Wee Girls Shot Put 7.51m

Charlotte 1st Tyke Girls Shot Put 4.33m

Malcolm 3rd Pee Wee Boys Shot Put 6.52m

Kayin 6th Tyke Boys Shot Put 3.71m


Sarah Z 11th Bantam Girls Shot Put 5.72m

Caden 13th Bantam Boys Shot Put 7.05m


Malcolm 2nd Pee Wee Boys Long Jump 3.75m

Brett 4th Tyke Boys Long Jump 2.95m

Charlotte 1st Tyke Girls Long Jump 2.99m

Sarah F 1st Pee Wee Girls Long Jump 4.02m


Sarah Z 24th Bantam Girls 80m 12.47

Caden 29th Bantam Boys 80m 12.53


Ivy 2nd Tyke Girls 600m 2:26.40

Sarah F 2nd Pee Wee Girls 600m 1:56.64

Kolos 5th Tyke Boys 600m 2:33.14

Tyler 1st Pee Wee Boys 600m 1:57.47