CALTAF JD Competition Report – Confederation Park and Stewart Cup Cross Country Relay Race

Confederation Park 1km and 3x4km Relay Race – Sunday, October 21, 2018

The 1km this year proved to be a touch short which allowed our JD athletes to show off their early-season speed…before we had a chance to turn around to go to the finish line, the athletes were back!

Start of the Confederation Park “1km” PC S. Read

1stMale Overall – Roenen

2ndOverall – Hazem

4thOverall – Owen

1stFemale and 3rdOverall – Hayley

5thOverall – Addy

Great running team! PC S.Read

This year the course for the 3x4km Relay was adjusted slightly to add more hills. The creek crossing which can be daunting with high water levels proved to be a piece a cake this year!.

3rdin the School Male Division – Caltaf Phishhh:  Tyler, Malcolm & Jackson 51:59, 13thOverall

CALTAF Phishh – Malcolm, Tyler & Jackson PC Tanya Sharpe

The Boys all coming out of the Creek PC T. Sharpe

1stSchool/Mixed Division – CALTAF A: James, Alexis & Nathaniel 52:25 15thOverall

James PC S.Read

2ndSchool/Mixed Division – CALTAF B: Dominic, Anna & Jessica

Anna – Confederation Park PC S. Read

Dominic – Confederation Park PC S. Read

Jessica – Confederation Park PC S.Read

Full results can be found at:

Stewart Cup Cross Country Relay – Saturday, October 27, 2018

Start of the Stewart Cup XC 4x1km Relay PC S.Read

It was a beautiful day of racing and the opportunity to run a relay race with a BATONduring the Cross Country season provided a nice lead into the upcoming Provincial Championships in Cochrane and indoor season racing.

Well done to the 16 JD athletes that competed on our “home course” and with the strong performances across the board, the Provincial Championships are going to be very exciting.

Bantam Boys Team Champions – Caltaf A: Nathaniel, Carter, Josh, Hazem 15:54

Bantam Boys – CALTAF A & B – Josh, Abdullah, Hazem, Nathaniel (missing: Carter, Owen, Dominic) PC S.Read

Bantam Boys – incomplete: Owen, Dominic, Abdullah

Bantam Girls Team Champions – Caltaf A: Allison, Alexis, Manpreet, Adelina 15:58

Bantam Girls Stewart Cup 2018 Champions – Alexis, Allison, Manpreet & Adelina PC S.Read

Bantam Girls 2nd– Zeinab, Hayley, Amelia, Miriam 16:45

Bantam Girls 2nd place – Hayley, Amelia, Zeinab & Miriam PC S. Read


Amelia – 4x1km Relay PC S.Read

Adelina anchoring the Bantam Girls A Team PC S.Read

Miriam – 4x1km Relay PC S.Read

Full results can be found at: