JD Group opens the 2018-2019 season at the St. Mary’s University Lightning XC Open

The JD 2018-2019 season is off and running!

Yesterday we traveled to St. Mary’s University for the Lightning XC Open.  The beautiful grassy 2km course produced some fast times.

Start of the 2018 St. Mary's XC Open

Start of the 2018 St. Mary’s XC Open PC S. Read

If the results from this preseason competition are any indication, this is going to be a FUN year for our JD Group.

Congratulations everyone!

Tyler S 1st overall, 7:44

Tyler 1st Overall

Tyler S 1st Overall

Carter P 3rd First Bantam Boy 8:37

Carter 1st Bantam Boy

Carter 1st Bantam Boy

Anna H 4th overall, First Female 8:39

Anna H 1st Female

Anna H 1st Female PC S. Read

Allison U 5th 8:53

Manpreet A 6th 8:59

Alexis N 7th 9:01

Sydney C 9th 9:10

Adelina H 12th 9:38


Great Job Team!

Thank you, Sarah! Great Job Tyler, Carter (1st Bantam Boy), Alexis, Adelina, Anna, Manpreet, Sydney & Allison PC S.Read


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