Caltaf JD at the Western Canadian Tri-Province Championships

This year 16 Caltaf JD athletes were named to the Western Canadian Tri-Province Championship team. At the end of the exciting weekend on the track, Team Alberta won the U16 Western Canadian Tri-Province Championship.

Caltaf JD at the 2018 Western Tri-Province Championships
Caltaf JD – 2018 Western Tri-Province Championships PC Athletics Alberta

Combined Team Scores

U16 1st 417 points (171 Field, 86 Distance, 70 Sprints, 58 Hurdles, 32 Relays)

Our JD athletes did a terrific job coming home with a total of 12 Personal Bests set, 16 medals, 2 New Meet Records and 1 Stadium Record. Over the course of the weekend, there were numerous standout performances, one of the highlights was Rain J in his first ever Steeplechase capturing the gold and being named the Team AB Midget Performer of the Day for his impressive run.

Congratulations to all of our JD athletes on a successful competition.


U16 Boys 4x100m 1st44.99 – Daniel Kidd, Enkh-Orgil Erdenebat, Ethan Samson, Caiden Schultz


Ella Clayton 300m (39.16)


Congratulations on setting a Personal Best:

Rain Jamison – 2000m and Steeplechase

Ella Clayton 300m and 800m

Enkh-Orgil Erdenebat 300m and Discus

Sarah Feschuk Pole Vault

Caiden Schultz 200m and Discus

Alexander Leote 200mH

Kylie Giroux Shot Put

Tyler Sharpe Discus

Rain J - GOLD - Steeplechase
Rain J – GOLD – Steeplechase PC S. Read


Jaxon (GOLD) and Sarah (SILVER) Pole Vault
Jaxon (GOLD) and Sarah (SILVER) Pole Vault PC S. Read
Ella (GOLD) and Jaya (BRONZE) 800m
Ella (GOLD) and Jaya (BRONZE) 800m

Team Alberta Medalists

U16 Boys 4x100m B Team 3rd– Eliot Cameron, Thomas Emerson, Emiliano Velazquez, Isaiah Emmanuel

U16 Girls Sprint Medley 1st4:10.29 – Ella Clayton, Sara Zinck, Charlotte Innes, Jaya Boucher

U16 Boys Sprint Medley 3rd3:54.55 – Enkh-Orgil, Caiden Schultz, Alexander Leote, Emiliano Velazquez

Cameron Kuziak U16 Javelin 2nd44.78m

Tyler Sharpe U16 Javelin 3rd36.44m

Caiden Schultz 100m 3rd11.58

Ella Clayton 300m 1st39.16

Enkh-Orgil Erdenebat 300m 3rd37.85

Sarah Feschuk Pole Vault 2nd2.25m

Jaxon Turner Pole Vault 1st2.40m

Cameron Kuziak Hammer 3rd32.16m

Rain Jamison Gold Steeplechase

Ella Clayton Gold 800m

Jaya Boucher Bronze 800m

Caiden Schultz Silver 200m

Enkh-Orgil Erdenebat Bronze Discus

U16 Boys
Enkh-Orgil, Caiden, Alex, Emiliano PC S. Read
Tyler & Cameron PC S.Read
Tyler & Cameron PC S.Read

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