Caltaf Club Season Stats (up to Feb 11, 2013)

Here are Caltaf Season Stats up to Feb 11, 2013 (pdf) (updated Feb 12, 2013 correcting an error).
Report from Jolene:
We are almost at the end of the Indoor season and I thought you might like to see how close some of you are to breaking CALTAF CLUB RECORDS*!!
To date new CLUB RECORD HOLDERS* are:
Corrinna Fowlow        1200m
Nicky Charlesworth   4kg Shot Put
Hanna Svensson       7.26 Weight Throw
Isaac Rynn               well he has tied his own record but he seems to think he needs to hit EVERY 7. second – he seems to be counting
Thomas Huard          150m
Gareth Hadfield         3000m
Austin Ost                6kg Shot Put
Adeem Vasanji         3kg Shot Put
Austin Ost                Junior Pent Total
Congratulations to you all and let’s see some more CLUB Records drop at Provincials in a few weeks! I was very impressed to see so many PB’s this last weekend in Edmonton, they show you are working very hard – CALTAF IS THE GREATEST
*Note: Caltaf club records are from 2006/2007 onwards, when the club started tracking detailed stats. Historical records are currently being compiled