Wrap up – Outdoor Provincial Championships

The JD athletes did a terrific job competing hard and as a result, we walked away with 84 Personal Bests set over the weekend!


Marissa T – 60m, 150m

Ella C – 200m, 300m, 800m

Sarah F – Pole Vault

Keon R- 80m

4x100m Relay:  Alex L, Caiden S, Emiliano V, Enkh-Orgil E

4x400m Relay: Elissa, Kya, Jaya, Ella

Alex L – Triple Jump

Cameron K – Shot Put


Marissa T – High Jump

Danijela M – 200mH, High Jump

4x400m Relay: Nick, Enkh-Orgil, Emiliano, and Alex

Josh R – Long Jump

Karl P – Shot Put, Discus

Thomas E – Triple Jump

Caiden S – Shot Put, Hammer

Cameron K – Discus, Javelin


Jaya B – 800m

4x100m Relay: Cherise, Claire, Amy, and Sarah

4x400m Relay: Marissa, Jessica, Alexis, Sydney

Sarah F – Discus

Roenen C – 150m

Keon R – Long Jump

Caiden – S 100m, 200m

Emiliano – V 800m

Rain J – 2000m

Alex L – High Jump

Jaxon T – Pole Vault

Tyler S – Shot Put, Discus, Javelin


Allison U -High Jump

Kya M – 80mH, 200mH

Sarah F – High Jump

Kylie G – Triple Jump

Enkh-Orgil E – 100m, 200m, 300m

Alex L -100mH, 200mH

Caiden S – Discus

This Championship also served as the Qualifier for the Western Canadian Tri-Province Championship Team.  Congratulations to the following CALTAF:

Jaya B

Ella C

Thomas E

Enkh-Orgil E

Sarah F

Kylie G

Rain J

Cameron K

Alex L

Kya M

Julian R

Caiden S

Tyler S

Jaxon T

Emiliano V


Well done team!