Results from Hershey North America

(photo from Hershey)

Congratulations to JD’s 4x100m relay team of John to Alex to Cole to Thomas who, as members of the Pacific Northwest team for the North American Hershey Final in Hershey, Pennsylvania on the weekend, finished 5th of eight teams in 50.79s – the best time the team has run this year. Given the level of competition, running well at an international meet is always a challenge, but even more so when exhausted from the multitude of pre-competition activities organized by Hershey.  Nonetheless, the boys ran very well, with very smooth exchanges. The relay team was selected based on their result at Hershey Provincials in Edmonton at the end of June, which was submitted by Athletics Alberta to Hershey North America for consideration, along with all of the other performances from the Pacific North West provinces, territories, and states. Well done  John, Alex, Cole and Thomas! No doubt you have accumulated a lifetime of memories over the past few days. We look forward to hearing all about it. Welcome home! Robin.

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