JD Results from New Balance Meet #2

Report from Robin:

Results from New Balance Meet #2 held at Glenmore Track today, 24th May 2009

Congratulations to all of the JD athletes – Alex Charlesworth, Amy, Austin, Ben, Bryce, Chanelle, Charlie, Chase, Daniel, Delainy, Eric,Janessa, Jasmine, John, Kendall, Madelaine, Matt, Max, Megan, Melissa, Pamela, Patrick, Rachelle, Rebecca, Sara MacLachlan, Sarah Hughes, Sean Thuna, Shaylene, Steven, and Thomas Kellner – who participated in New Balance Meet #2 today. Among them, these athletes produced some excellent results. Here are the highlights (in no particular order):

· In her first ever high jump competition and having had only one training session in the event, bantam (1996) Janessa finished 3rdof seven athletes, despite having to compete up with the older athletes in the midget (1994, 1995) competition. Janessa also ran a PB (personal best) time of 14.08s to finish 10th of twenty athletes in the midget 100m.

· In the midget men’s 100m, Bryce ran a PB time of 12.48s to finish 2nd of thirteen athletes. Both Bryce and the 1st place finisher beat the old meet record of 12.54s. In his first attempt at the 200m hurdles, Bryce finished 1st of six midget athletes in a time of 28.23s. Bryce was also 5th of eleven athletes in the 300m.

· Daniel added another 16cm to his PB in shot put, throwing 10.18m to finish 3rd of ten midget athletes.

· Since there were no events for bantams at this meet, first year (1997) bantams Delainy and Madelaine had to compete up with the midgets (1994, 1995). Both girls competed extremely well and put a lot of pressure on the midgets, who had to work to stay ahead of them in the 100m and 300m. Both girls also competed very well in the shot put, where they had to throw the midget weight (3kg). Madelaine threw the shot 5.78m to finish 4th, while Delainy threw the shot 4.57m to finish 5th. Well done girls!

· In his first race of the season, John looked very strong in the 1200m, where he finished 4th of thirteen athletes in 3:44.83s.

· Steven added another 10cm to his PB in high jump, clearing 1.45m to finish 3rd of seven athletes.

· First-year midget Austin added another 1.51m to his PB in the javelin, throwing 27.45m to finish 3rd of eight athletes.

· First-year bantam Alex Charlesworth finished 4th of seven athletes in the midget high jump competition, clearing a 5cm PB height of 1.40m. Alex also threw the javelin 22.11m to finish 4th in the midget competition.

· First-year bantam Max did a lot of competing today, entering the 300m, 1200m and the javelin. Max ran a PB in the 1200m to finish 11th and set some tough standards in the 300m and javelin to challenge himself with at future meets.

· Thomas Kellner was 5th of ten athletes in the midget shot put.

· In his very first meet, first-year bantam Sean Thuna braved two of the more challenging events offered at this meet – the midget 1200m and 200m hurdles.

· Sarah Hughes ran a PB time of 13.53s in the 100m to finish 4th of twenty athletes.

· Shaylene again demonstrated her strength in the high jump, finishing 2nd of seven athletes.

· Once again first-year midget Jasmine achieved personal best performances in all of her events, a trend that began at this time last year and has continued into this outdoor season. In the 100m, Jasmine crossed the finish line in a PB time of 14.27s to finish 11thof twenty athletes. In the 300m, Jasmine improved her PB by an impressive 2.74s to finish 5th of twelve athletes in 47.33s.

· In her first javelin competition and after only one training session, first-year midget Kendall finished 4th.

· First-year bantam Patrick took almost half a second off his PB in the 100m.

· Bantam Chase had another excellent meet, despite having to compete up with the older midget athletes. In the 1200m, Chase ran a PB time of 4:16.33s to finish 2nd of five athletes. Despite having just run the 1200m, Chase cleared a 5cm PB height of 1.30m to finish 4th of seven athletes in the midget high jump competition. Chase also finished just behind two midget athletes in the 200m hurdles.

· Our youngest participant, peewee Ben, managed to throw the 4kg midget shot 4.37m.

· Rebecca won the midget shot put competition with a throw of 8.73m, a PB of 20cm. Rebecca was also 2nd of five athletes in the javelin and 5th of 20 athletes in the 100m.

· In her first attempt at the 1200m, Melissa finished 3rd, and she was 8th in the 300m.

Congratulations again to all athletes. As soon as the points accumulated by each athlete after the first two meets of this series of three New Balance meets are posted, I will forward the results to you.