Caltaf Awards Night JD Award Winners and Nominees

Message from Robin:

Congratulations to the JD Group’s 2009-2010 award winners and nominees, who are listed below.

My heartiest congratulations to you all – you should be very proud of your accomplishments. To those athletes who have moved to CALTAF’s Provincial Development Group or to other challenges, I wish you well in the coming years. It has been a privilege and great pleasure to work with you. I look forward to continuing to see you at the track and celebrating your future successes. Go well! Robin

PS. Parents – if you have photos from last evening, I would be most grateful if you would forward them to Luke at, who will post them on the CALTAF website. Thanks!

(full award listings and pictures from the Caltaf Awards Night will be posted in the coming days)

Trophy winners and nomineesBen Meister – Outstanding Peewee Boy nominee
Emma Martin – Winner, Outstanding Bantam Girl trophy
Mia Hull – Outstanding Bantam Girl nominee
Heather Wood – Outstanding Bantam Girl nominee
Patrick Meister – Winner, Outstanding Bantam Boy trophy
Nathan Kalmakoff – Outstanding Bantam Boy nominee
Sean Thuna – Outstanding Bantam Boy nominee
Ellie Hirst – Winner, Outstanding Midget Woman trophy
Katie Campbell – Outstanding Midget Woman nominee
Austin Ost – Winner, Outstanding Midget Boy trophy
Nicholas Buettner – Outstanding Midget Boy nominee
Jasmine Galey – Winner, Most Improved Female trophy
Emma Martin – Most Improved Female nominee
Madelaine Yee – Most Improved Female nominee
Katie Campbell – Rookie Female nominee
Ellie Hirst – Rookie Female nominee
Nicholas Buettner – Winner, Rookie Male trophy
Brent Bester – Most Improved Male nominee
Austin Ost – Most Improved Male nominee

JD Platinum Award Winners
Nicholas Buettner
Katie Campbell
Ellie Hirst
Austin Ost

JD Gold Award Winners
Kendall Chong
Lauren Fridman
Jasmine Galey
Mia Hull
Maria Jacso
Emma Martin
Ben Meister
Patrick Meister
Chase O’Brien

JD Silver Award Winners
Brent Bester
Delainy Conibear
Antha Dietrich-Henderson
Rui Dong
Eric Foster
Dana Gerlitz
Jessica Kalmakoff
Patrick Lyster
Alex McDuffie
Matthew Schalm
Matthew Springer
Siri Svensson
Sean Thuna
Emily Wilson-Bodnar
Heather Wood

JD Bronze Award Winners
Alex Charlesworth
Emma Chong
Rhea Foster
Lauren Garnett
Anna Glover
Nathan Kalmakoff
Scott McClure
Charlie Meister
Abtin Motamedi
Tyler Sklenka
Brent Stephen
Madelaine Yee