JD Results from the Dino Classic

Caltaf JD Results from the Dino Classic

Hello everyone!

I would like to congratulate all of the athletes – Bryce, Daniel, Drew, Thomas, Yoga, BrentAdrianne, Chanelle, AllisonJasmineMelanieSofia and Chase – who competed in the Dino Classic this past weekend. Despite turkey, latkes, parties, late nights and a long break from training, these thirteen athletes produced some excellent results.

Adrianne and Jasmine demonstrated just how much stronger they are becoming by achieving PBs (personal best performances) in all of their events. Adrianne finished 3rd in the 60m hurdles in a PB time of 10.28s and was also 3rd in the 1000m, where she took 2.5s off her PB, finishing in 3:16.93s. Adrianne was also 4th in the 300m, where she finished in a PB time of 46.37s. Jasminetook almost 4 seconds off her PB in the 300m to finish 7th and also improved her time in the 60m, where she finished 8th of 14 athletes. Adrianne now sits in the gold medal position for 15-year-old girls with 43 points after the first two meets of the Calgary Indoor Track Series, while Jasmine sits 10th of 21 14-year-old athletes. Well done Adrianne and Jasmine!

Chase and Allison competed very well and both girls sit in the gold medal positions for their age categories after the first two meets – Allison for 14-year-old girls with 44 points and Chase for 13-year-old girls with 43 points. Chase finished 2nd in the 60m, 2nd in the 300m and 2nd in the 1000m, while Allison finished 2nd in the 60m and 2nd in the 1000m. Well done Allison and Chase!

In her very first meet, Melanie produced some excellent results. Despite trying to convince me that she couldn’t run a 300m, she ran an excellent race, finishing 4th of 12 athletes in a time of 49.00s.Melanie also finished 8th of 14 athletes in the 60m. Well done Melanie!

In her first attempt at the 60m hurdles, Chanelle finished an impressive 5th in a time of 12.27s.  Sofia established new PBs in both the 60m and 300m to challenge herself with at future meets. Well done Chanelle and Sofia!

Not to be outdone by the girls, the JD boys also produced some excellent results.

Bryce won the 60m hurdles for 15-year-old boys in a personal best time of 10.36s and was 4th in the 60m, where he just missed establishing a new PB. Bryce sits in the gold medal position for 15-year-old boys after the first two meets with 38 points. Well done Bryce!

In their first (and rather reluctant!!) attempt at the 300m, Drew and Yoga finished 5th and 6threspectively. Well done boys! I see more 300s in your future!! J Well done boys!

Brent had a busy day, competing in the 60, 300m and 1000m. Brent now sits 7th of 17 14-year-old athletes in the overall point totals after two meets. Well done Brent!

Our newest athlete, Thomas K, was also one of our busiest athletes, bravely competing in the 60m, 300m and 1000m. Thomas competed very well and looked like a seasoned veteran out there on the track. Thomas established excellent personal bests to challenge himself with at future meets. Well done Thomas!

Finally, Daniel, who loves to throw, joined the open men’s shot put competition, where he was by far the youngest competitor. Not one to be intimidated, Daniel threw very well, just missing his PB from last year. Well done Daniel!

Well done athletes! Those are excellent results. I look forward to watching you compete at Golden Bear.