Combined Events

The Combined Events Program is for senior-high-school-aged (grades 10-12) and older athletes, who are interested in training for and competing in track meets up to the Provincial level and beyond. New athletes are always welcome.

Coaches: Tara Dressler

The Combined Events Group runs from the beginning of September until the beginning of August the following year. Regular training is three times a week; additional training sessions are offered for more ambitious and high-performance athletes.

At this level, athletes are focused on training for provincial and national competitions such as the Indoor Provincial Championships, the Alberta Summer Games, and the Western Canadian Championships, as well as National Championships (Midget & Youth Nationals and Senior & Junior Nationals).

Opportunities to train for and compete in all the track events (sprints, hurdles, and middle distance) and field events (high jump, long jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin and discus) are offered. Athletes are encouraged to begin to focus their training on their preferred events. Some independent training may be recommended in addition to the scheduled training sessions. Athletes compete throughout the year at meets in Alberta, as well as out of Province Meets, including the US.

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Training Times and Locations

Base Season

The base season runs from early September through to the end of October and is a very important part of the athletic development as during the base season the foundation for the rest of the athletic year will be laid, focusing mostly on conditioning and fitness, as well as coordination and the basic skill sets for the various events in Combined Events.

Monday – 6:00-8:00pm – Canmore Park
Tuesday – 6:00-8:00pm – Confederation Park
Thursday – 6:00-8:00pm – Canmore Park

Indoor Season

The Indoor season runs from November to middle of March and takes place completely indoors. There are usually several indoor meets during the Indoor season for athletes to compete in, culminating in the Indoor Provincial Championships in Edmonton.

Monday – 4:30-6:30pm – Jack Simpson Track
Tuesday – 5:00-7:00pm – Oval
Thursday – 4:30-6:30pm – Jack Simpson Track

Outdoor Season

The third season runs from April through to the end of June and on through August for those athletes who have met standards for Provincial and National track meets that are held in the summer. This season takes place completely outdoors and contains the most opportunities for athletes to compete in many local, provincial, and national, as well as international Meets.

Monday – 6:40-8:10pm – Foothills Track
Wednesday – 6:40-8:10pm – Foothills Track
Thursday – 6:40-8:10pm – Foothills Track
Saturday – 12:00-2:00pm – Foothills Track