Update from the Sprints Group in California

Speed Group at SOKA Peace Invitational

Speed Group at SOKA Peace Invitational

The Speed Group competed in the SOKA Peace Invitational today. Jason summarizes the results:

Everyone had something great about their runs today. So good when you consider that we have had the worst winter ever, terrible facility access and we flew in late last night and had to race on 6 hours of sleep at most.

Best runs came from Harry (first time running 400h – let alone that they were 36”. Last year he ran 27.04 for 200mH over 30” hurdles. Today he split 27.7 through the 200 over the 36’s), Ma’an (splitting like a madman through 600 – a pb no less – and placing second overall in 1:57.0), and Sarah who ran just off of both 100 and 200m bp’s. Emily ran the 100mH at the senior heights and ran a new pb and followed it up with a strong 200m. Nick ran season opener pb in the 200 and a strong second half of his 100. Like Harry, Mia moved up and out in distance to the women’s 100mH. Really it’s quite a feat to move up and out in the hurdles and quite intimidating to do it as your first race of the outdoor season.  Jasmine ran a strong outdoor opening/PB in her 800. This was just her second 800 in almost 5 years with her first coming at the indoor provincials. Brent has been hurt for the last 2 weeks with an IT band issue, but turned out to race today with a  strong lane 8 run in the 400.

Everyone is excited to race next weekend at the UCSD Triton Invitational after today’s strong start to their season!