Unfortunately, as per our exemption request for the Caltaf Classic E Meet, there will be no spectators allowed in the competition site (soccer field and track) with no exceptions. Our intent is to livestream the meet. Check back on our website Saturday morning to find the links to the event of your choice.

Check-in Procedure

Track and Field event athletes must check in at the check-in tent in the warm up zone 30min before the scheduled time of their race/event. It is then the athlete’s responsibility to be at the gate to be taken to the start line 10 minutes before their scheduled race/competition time (Schedule for movement to events will be posted in the warm up zone). You cannot check in at the start line. If you miss the check in at the tent, you will not race or compete.

Please ensure you follow this procedure.

Field event athletes must check in at the tent at least 40min prior to the start of the event and Pole Vault one hour before their event. They will then be escorted to their events as per the schedule in the warm up zone.

General Meet Information

Spikes are to be no longer than 7mm in length.


Athletes agree to abide by the World Athletics Rule (TR5) which concerns the use of shoes during an athletics competition and puts a sole height limit of 25mm on all shoes worn in track events of 800m and above in distance (including Steeplechase). For clarity: The rule does not prevent a road running shoe from being worn on the track but a 30mm or 40mm road running shoe cannot be worn for track events because of the 25mm limit. You are encouraged to reference the World Athletics Shoe Compliance List. This will help speed up the check-in process at the event and ensure that you arrive at the competition venue with approved competition shoes.

All athletes must wear proper competition uniforms.

Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in all events.

Live results will be available on the website as well as through the Live Results App. Meet Schedule and Performance List will be posted at www.caltaftrackclassic.com




Massage will be available on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 at the track. Please drop by the tent to make an appointment. Our massage therapists will follow the current COVID-19 Protocols.


A physician will be on site and the Foothills Hospital is 1.2 KM from the track.


Technical Specifications

All specifications will follow Athletics Alberta Outdoor specifications.


Track Event Offerings E Meet

100HU18, Open, HP
110HU18, U20, Open, HP
400HU18, OpenU18, Open
100U18, Open, HP U18, Open, HP
200U18, Open, HP U18, Open, HP
400U18, Open, HPU18, Open, HP
800 U18, Open, HP U18, Open, HP

Field Event Offerings E Meet

Shot PutU20, Open, Para Seated U18, Open, Para Seated,
JavelinOpen, Para Seated Open, Para
HammerU18, U20, OpenU18, Open
Discus U20, Open, Para, Seated Open, Para, Seated
Long Jump U18, Open. Para U18, Open, Para
High Jump U18, Open U18, Open
Pole Vault Open, HPOpen, HP