Caltaf Track Classic CALTAF Track Classic June 16-18, 2017 Calgary, Alberta


The Caltaf Track Classic is an annual track and field meet hosted by Caltaf. Originally named the Caltaf Relays in the late 1980’s, there was a name change in 2000 that better encompasses what the meet is all about. It showcases many of Alberta’s finest track and field athletes of all ages, as well as some of Canada’s current and best track and field stars. In the past, the majority of athletes who compete at the Caltaf Track Classic are younger age-class athletes eager to test their limits and see how far their hard work and dedication can take them. Moving forward, there will be a greater emphasis on expanding the open category and inviting our American neighbours to come up and take advantage of competing at altitude. This will allow the younger competitors to not only compete at a major competition, but also enjoy watching some of Canada’s top international level athletes. Over the years, the Caltaf Track Classic has been fortunate to host a number of Canadian Track and Field stars such as former 100m World Record holder, Donovan Bailey. More recently, spectators and athletes have had the pleasure of watching current World Championship athletes and Olympians: Bryan Barnett, Jim Steacy, Jessica Zelinka, Angela Whyte, Kelsie Hendry, Sam Effah and Amonn Nelson.

2017 Announcements



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Celebrating Canada’s 150 years with 150m invitational

In order to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial the CALTAF Classic is hosting an invitational 150m race with over $2000 in prizes for the winners. The invitational is an open-aged event. Current invitees are based on 150m performances at the Calgary New Balance Series and are shown below. If you are on the list please contact Jolene Dressler to confirm entry and intention to run. Other athletes with an official 150m time that would like to request an invite may also inquire with their performance with Jolene.

Men’s Invite list (Updated June 13)

Austin Edwards – Saskatoon [Confirmed]
Daniel Bubelenyi – Capital City [Confirmed]
Julian Reddy – Running Room
Nicoli Edwards – Voleo Athletics [Confirmed]
Damien Warner – Unattached [Confirmed]
Clayton Hayes. – Capital City [Confirmed]
Colesen Faunt – Calgary Spartans [Confirmed]


Women’s Invite list (Updated June 13)

Loudia Laarman – Voleo Athletics [Confirmed]
Princess Roberts – Airdrie Aces [Confirmed]
Niki Oudenaarden – UCAC [Confirmed]
Janae Watts – Caltaf [Confirmed]
Mackenzie Kleiter – Saskatoon [Confirmed]
Katelyn Slessor – Voleo Athletics [Confirmed]


2017 Technical Package

The 2017 Tech Package (Updated May 16, 2017) is now available. Please check back for updates to this information.

2017 Schedule

The 2017 Final Schedule (Updated June 16, 2017) is now available. Please double check your event start times as a few times have changed.

2017 Entries

Entries will be done through the CALTAF Classic page on trackieReg.

2017 Performance List

The Performance List (Updated June 15, 2017) is now available.


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