Junior Development (U14)

U14 Junior Development Group – 2022/2023

The U14 Junior Development Group (JD Group) is a year-round program and is designed for athletes born between 2008-2011 (11-14/15 years old). Registration is ongoing throughout the year. The group meets two times per week, but the degree of commitment is determined by the athlete and attendance can be flexible. The program is designed to give kids an in-depth exposure to all track and field events. Athletes will compete in track meets both in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas as well as out of province meets. Athletes can try out for Provincial Teams.

***Those athletes that are born in 2011 will train with the Cheetahs for the X-Country/Base season and move up to Junior Development Group in November**


  1. Cross-Country/Base Season – September to October (Cross Country Season for distance runners – the base season for power speed athletes
  2. Indoor Season – November to March/April
  3. Outdoor Season – April to July

Cross-Country/Base Season – Starts September 12

At each session, there will be two running workouts; one for those running the cross-country races (either at Provincials or school meets) and a second for sprinters/hurdlers/jumpers/throwers. The latter who train during the base training season will have a huge advantage over those athletes who wait and join us for the start of the indoor season (November). Sprinters will work on base training, strength conditioning and running form.

The training times for Cross-Country/Base Season.

Please attend 2 weekday practices (practice days will depend on the schedule of the athlete).

Monday – 5:45-7:00 pm – West Confederation Park (aka Canmore Park)
Wednesday – 5:45-7:00pm – Confederation Park
Thursday – 5:45-7:00pm – North Glenmore Park
Saturday – 10:00-11:30 – North Glenmore Park

Indoor Season

The group moves indoors in early November. In the indoor season, training becomes more event specific. Athletes will begin to practice age-appropriate progressions for most events including long jump, high jump, shot put, hurdles, sprints and distance. Competitions will be in Calgary, Edmonton and other locations around Alberta. The season culminates with the Alberta Indoor Provincial Championships.

Practices times and locations for the Indoor Season beginning November 2022 are as follows:

Wednesday – 6:30 -8:30pm – MNP Sports Center (formerly Repsol Center)
Thursdays – 5:30-6:30pm – Higher Level Sports Center (1411 – 33 Street NE)
Sundays – 9:00-11:00am – MNP Sports Center (formerly Repsol Center)
**Please note that Thursday practice is not mandatory and will be used for jumps and throws practice.

Outdoor Season – April to end of season

In April, the group moves outdoors where the training becomes even more event specific, and the athletes will attend more meets. Athletes will have the opportunity to try out for provincial and national teams. The length of the outdoor season depends on the ability of the athlete. The competitive season for most athletes will finish towards the end of July with the Alberta Outdoor Provincial Championships, with some athletes attending Youth National Championships usually held the second week of August.

Monday – 6:00-8:00pm – Foothills Track
Wednesday – 6:00-8:00pm – Glenmore Track
Thursday – 6:00-8:00pm – Foothills Track
Saturday – 11:00-1:00pm – Glenmore Track (early season only)

There is no expectation that athletes should train four times per week. We have added another session to better accommodate athletes that live in the south.  Athletes ages 11-14 should pick two or three sessions per week. For athletes ages 14 and up, the fourth session per week is based on individual needs. Please speak with your coaches.


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Registration fees for this program for a November start are $1025.00. The payments may be broken up into two installments, November and April. Our registration fees are prorated monthly.

Athletes are responsible for all costs associated with traveling with the team to track meets. In addition to the registration fee, a $105 facility fee is also charged.  This fee is refundable by working one bingo. There is also a mandatory Athletics Alberta fee of $65-110 depending on the age of the athlete (Athletics Alberta is our governing body and the AA fee is forwarded by Caltaf directly to AA).

To offset these costs, we offer bingo and casino opportunities as well as other fundraising options throughout the year. There is also an athlete assistance fund and other grants such as Jumpstart and Kidsport that are available if needed.

November 1st, 2022
Registration Fee – $595.00
Facility Fee – $105.00
AA Fee – Between $65 to $110 (depending on the age of the athlete)

April 1, 2023
Registration Fee $430.00

June 30, 2023
Volunteer fee $300.00 – If the volunteer requirement has not been met, this fee will be assessed on June 30th.


Caltaf does have a volunteer requirement.  Each family is expected to volunteer/officiate at the Caltaf Track Classic (in June) and one other meet of their choice.  If the volunteer requirement is not met a $300.00 fee is charged on June 30. Note that we are very strict with respect to the fulfillment of the volunteer requirement.

Track and Field is one of the lowest cost sports in the city, but like almost every other sport in Calgary we depend on our volunteers to help run the organization and the events. Unfortunately, we have found it necessary to charge a volunteer fee if the time that we ask people to volunteer is not met. Our preference is not to charge people as the main goal is to have enough volunteers participating in the Club, so we do not have to hire outside people to help run the Caltaf Track Classic and subsequently be forced to increase our fees.   

For more information, please contact the Caltaf office.

We encourage athletes to come out to our training session for a one-week free trial to ensure that the group, coaches and training is a good fit. If you are interested, please contact the Caltaf office we will provide that information to you.