JD Results from the Dino Indoor Challenge

Robin Barclay reports on the latest Dino Challenge:

Results from the Dino Indoor Challenge – well done athletes!!

I would like to congratulate all of the JD athletes – Adrianne, Allison, Amy, Avery, Chanelle, Chase,Delainy, Emma, Janessa, Jasmine, Madelaine, Megan, Melanie, Nicole, Rachelle, Rebecca,Sarah, Shaylene, Alex, Austin, Bryce, Connor, Daniel, Lockie, Matt, Max, Rhykel, Thomas Kellner, Thomas Wood, and Yoga – who competed at the Dino Indoor Challenge today. These 30 athletes produced some outstanding results.

First, I would like to thank all athletes for being such fine ambassadors for CALTAF. I saw many displays of good sportsmanship – hand shakes at the finish line, words of encouragement at the start line and much cheering for your teammates. Well done!

I was especially impressed today with our youngest athletes, who have recently moved up from the Cheetahs group – Delainy, Emma, Madelaine, Alex, Connor, Lockie and Max – and our newest athletes, who were competing in their first meet – Amy, Janessa, Megan, Sarah, Shaylene andMatt. I thought you all looked remarkably composed out on the track. You warmed up on your own, set up your blocks as if you had been doing it for years, and generally looked like seasoned veterans instead of new athletes. Well done all of you! Most impressive!

I would like to offer my congratulations to the veteran athletes who accumulated enough points over the four meets of the Calgary Indoor Series to capture overall medals. Bryce won the gold medal for 15-year-old boys with 67 points, finishing 1st of 26 athletes. Adrianne accumulated 70 points over the four meets to finish 1st of 26 athletes and capture the gold medal for 15-year-old girls.  Allison captured the gold medal for 14-year-old girls by accumulating 49 points and finishing 1st of 24 athletes. Chase won the gold medal for 13-year-old girls with an impressive 79 points, finishing 1st of 13 athletes. Congratulations to our medal winners. The meet director confessed that he forgot to order the medals, so they will not be available for about a couple of weeks. As soon as they are, he will give them to me and I will present them to the athletes. Well done Bryce, Adrianne, Allison, and Chase.

Other top ten point earners were: Avery finished just of the medals in 4th place amongst the twenty-four 14-year-old girls, while Emma was 5th and Delainy was 6th amongst the thirteen 12-year-old girls.Connor finished 6th of seventeen 13-year-old boys, while Alex was 7th of fifteen 12-year-old boys.Jasmine was 8th of twenty-four 14-year-old girls and Max and Janessa finished 10th in their age categories. Well done athletes!

In the 60m, there were some excellent results. Avery finished 1st of sixteen 14-year-old girls in 8.36s, while Emma finished in an impressive 9.12s to place 1st of six 12-year-old girls. Bryce was 2nd of twelve 15-year-old boys in a personal best (PB) time of 7.91s, while Chase was 2nd of eight 13-year-old girls in a PB time of 8.92s. In her first attempt at the 60m, Sarah finished in an impressive 8.41s to place 2nd of ten 15-year-old girls.  Rebecca finished the 60m in 8.53s to finish 3rd of sixteen 14-year-old girls. Alex was 3rd of ten 12-year-old boys, crossing the line in 8.93s. In her first attempt at the 60m, Janessa finished 4th of eight athletes with a time of 9.08s. Allison was 4th of sixteen 14-year-old girls. Yoga was 5th of twelve 15-year-old boys, crossing the line in a PB time of 8.14s, while Delainyfinished 5th amongst the 12-year-old girls. Daniel ran a huge PB time of 8.26s in the 15-year-old boys’ race to finish 6th of twelve athletes, while Nicole ran a PB time of 8.70s to finish 6th of ten 15-year-old girls. Max was 6th of ten 12-year-old boys with a time of 9.69s, while Connor was 6th in the 13-year-old boys’ race. Thomas Kellner ran a PB of 8.36s in the 15-year-old boys’ race to finish 7th. Rachelleimproved her time in the 60m, and Lockie was 7th in his race. Shaylene and Amy were 8th and 9th in their race and established some excellent times to challenge themselves with at future meets.Chanelle looked very strong in her 60m despite a recent tonsillectomy. Madelaine also ran very well in her first 60m.

In the 800m, Adrianne placed 3rd overall in the 16+ race, 1st in her age category, finishing in 2:33.08s.Jasmine was 2nd in the 14-year-old girls’ 800m, while Chase finished 3rd of six 13-year-old girls in a personal best and impressive time of 2:35.39s. I was impressed that new athletes Emma, Janessa,Matt and Max were willing to try the 800m. They all ran extremely well. Emma was 2nd, Max 3rd,Janessa 5th and Matt 7th in their respective races. Well done athletes!

Chase and Bryce were the only athletes brave enough to tackle the open 3000m. Despite being the youngest athlete in the women’s race, Chase finished an impressive 2nd. Bryce took more than a minute off his PB to finish 6th in the open men’s race. Well done Bryce and Chase!

In the 4x200m relays, the team of Jasmine to Allison to Rebecca to Avery placed 2nd of five teams in the 14/15-year-old girls’ race, finishing in a time of 1:56.36s. In the race for 14/15-year-old boys, the team of Rhykel to Austin to Matt to Thomas Wood placed 2nd of three teams. The team of Chase toDelainy to Rachelle to Emma finished 3rd behind two very strong Leduc and Passtrak teams. The team of Alex to Connor to Lockie to Max ran a great race, but were disqualified after dropping the baton.

What a great way to end the indoor season. Some impressive results! Well done athletes!