JD Results from New Balance Meet #3

Report from Robin:

Congratulations to JD athletes Daniel, Matt Shaw, Steven, Thomas Kellner, Thomas Wood, Tynan,Charlie, Matthew Springer, Eric, Jackson, Alex Charlesworth, Lockie, Patrick, Ben, Chanelle,Nicole, Sarah, Shaylene, Sofia, Antha, Janessa and Madelaine, who competed in the 3rd and final New Balance Meet yesterday. There were some excellent results. Here are the highlights:

· Steven won the midget men’s long jump competition with a PB jump of 4.68m, finishing 1st of 12 athletes.

· Nicole added an impressive 1.19m to her PB in the shot put. Her throw of 9.42m placed her 1st of 6 athletes.

· Despite being a first-year midget, Melissa won the 800m and was 3rd in the 2000m.

· Daniel added another 21cm to his PB in shot put. His best throw of 10.39m placed him 2nd of 7 athletes.

· In his first meet, Tynan was 3rd of 7 athletes in the shot put with a throw of 9.93m. Tynan was also 5th of 12 athletes in the long jump, where he cleared 3.87m.

· Jackson added another 2cm to his PB in the long jump to finish 7th.

· Sarah was 5th of 17 athletes in the midget 100m.

· Chanelle demonstrated just how much stronger she is becoming by taking an impressive 4.50s off her PB in the 400m. Chanelle was also 3rd of 6 athletes in the shot put.

· Sofia also demonstrated how much stronger she is becoming by improving her time in the 300m by 1.51s and by adding an impressive 1.99m to her PB in the shot put. Sofia’s 7.24m throw placed her 2nd of 6 athletes.

· Bantam Janessa took an impressive 3.49s off her recently-established PB in the 300m. Janessa’stime of 48.32s, placed her 7th of 13 athletes, an excellent finish considering that she was competing up with the older midget athletes.

· Madelaine had an excellent meet, achieving personal best performances in both the 100m and shot put, where she finished 5th.

· Thomas Kellner cleared 4.46m in the long jump to finish 2nd of 12 athletes.

· First-year midget Charlie finished 5th in the shot put and 6th of 12 athletes in the long jump, where he cleared 3.64m.

· Matt Shaw used a great kick and an impressive finish at the end of the 800m to move up a spot in the standings.

· In her first attempt at the shot put, Shaylene placed 3rd of 6 athletes with a throw of 6.97m.

· Our newest athletes, Matthew Springer, Eric, Kendall and Antha, competed very well and looked remarkably composed out on the track. They set some tough standards to challenge themselves with at future meets.

· Bantam Patrick ran a PB in the 100m and a very strong 800m, finishing in a 4-second personal best time of 2:57.69s. Patrick finished 5th in the 800m, despite the fact that he was running up against athletes two years his senior.

· Jasmine was seeded into the fast heat of the midget 300m and, despite being a first-year midget, kept up very well, finishing 5th of 13 athletes.

· Melanie ran a PB in the midget 300m to finish 8th of 13 athletes.

Well done athletes! Some great results! Note that the overall point totals for each midget athlete are still being verified. Once the overall New Balance Series medal winners are announced, I will let you know.