Dino Classic – January 10, 2016

Congratulations to our 9 Cheetahs that competed today. Everyone had fantastic performances…lots of personal bests were set and a few marks that were the second best performance ever in a few events.

Julia B in the 10 & Under division ended off the day with two personal bests, 5th 60m (11.10) and 5th 150m (28.59). Julia was also the lead off runner in the Cheetah All Star 4x200m Relay team that was 2nd.

In the 11 Year old Girls Division Miya C ran a personal best in the 60m, 6th 10.99.

Roenen C in the Boys 10 & Under Division earned 16 points and set 2 personal bests. 60m 2nd (10.26) and an impressive 1 sec PB in the 150m 2nd (24.89).

Matthew F 60m, 4th 11.12, 150m, 6th (28.45), a huge 2 sec personal best and 600m 2nd 2:32.08.

Lachlan S had a big day for personal bests in both the 60m, 10th 12.09 and 150m, 12th 36.13.  He also had an impressive homestretch battle in the 600m, 3rd 2:40.76.

Josh R had an excellent day earning 30 points. 60m 1st (9.75), 150m 1st (24.23), 600m 1st 2:18.80

Nolan C had a great day earing 16 points on the day – 60m 2nd 10.02, 150m 2nd 24.88

James M had a phenomenal day setting massive personals bests in all 3 events today. 60m 3rd 10.32, 150m 3rd 26.12, 600m 3rd 2:24.38

Owen D also set multiple personal bests today but his finishing straight battle with Lachlan S in the 600m was outstanding…great job to the both of you. 60m 4th 10.45, 150m 4th 26.73, 600m 3rd 2:24.74.

In the final events of the day the Cheetahs went 1st and 2nd in the 4x200m Relay:

1st, 2:34.15 Roenen C, Owen D, Nolan C and Josh R

2nd 2:53.03 Julia B, Lachlan S, James M and Matthew F

Excellent performances across the board, way to go team!