Cheetahs Hershey Meet Wrap Up – Sunday, June 8th, 2014

It was a terrific day for the Cheetahs, 33 athletes qualified for the Hershey Provincials in Edmonton!! There were numerous stand out performances across the board.

Congratulations to all our athletes that competed hard today and best of luck to our athletes going to Provincials.

Athletes that qualified for 4 events:
Jazmin M (100m, 200m, Ball Throw & 4x100m Relay), Sarah F (100m, 400m, Standing Long Jump & 4x100m Relay), Ziad S (50m, 100m, Standing Long Jump & 4x100m Relay) and Josh R (50m, 100m, Standing Long Jump & 4x100m Relay)

Athletes that qualified in 3 events:
Evan V (400m, 800m & 4x100m Relay), Ty W (Standing Long Jump, Ball Throw & 4x100m Relay), Robyn M (200m, 400m, Ball Throw), Alivia K (50m, 100m, 4x100m Relay) and Malcolm B (50m, 100m, Standing Long Jump)

Athletes that qualified in 2 events:
Zachary S (800m & 1600m), Kjirsti S (Standing Long Jump and 4x100m Relay), Zoe L (400m and 4x100m Relay), James V (Ball Throw and 4x100m Relay), Avery S (800m and 4x100m Relay), Nicole B (400m and 800m), Julia H (800m and 4x100m Relay), Kaela S (Ball Throw and 4x100m Relay), Sable B (50m and 4x100m Relay), Michael H (Ball Throw and 4x100m Relay), Maya L (200m and 4x100m Relay), Bryn S (200m and 4x100m Relay) and Nicholas H (400m and 4x100m Relay)

The remaining athletes will be representing the Cheetahs in 1 event:
Maya W (400m), Nikolai R (Standing Long Jump), Araela S (4x100m Relay), Georgia C (Standing Long Jump), Maegan B (4x100m Relay), Alex M (400m), Thomas E (4x100m Relay), Nicholas E (Ball Throw), Deavyn P (4x100m Relay), Karen F (400m) and Naomi W (4x100m Relay)

Go Cheetahs Go!