Entry Deadline

Entries must be received by 6:00PM Friday July 16, 2021 for the Open Meet.

Late entries, if accepted, will be charged double.

No refunds will be provided for scratches after the above registration deadline. Acceptance into the Meet and Heat Sheets will be created and posted on Monday July 19, 2021. At this point refunds will be issued for athletes not being accepted into the meet. We are still restricted by Covid regulations but will try to accept as many as possible following the guidelines.

The Entry Sheet is located here:

Entry sheet

Please email the completed Entry Sheets directly to Jolene at  Momfirst_2000@yahoo.com along with your club entry fees. Incomplete entry sheets (including AA/AC numbers) and no fee payment will not be accepted. Please ensure you have your club name on the etransfer so it is applied to the correct entry.

Please ensure to download the entry sheet, add your information, SAVE the sheet to your computer and then send it to the above email.  Entries will not show up on the sheet if the entry has not been saved first.

Registration Packages

Will be available at the registration desk at the track starting at 4pm on Friday, July 23,  2021.

Entry Fees:  $30.00 per event payable by e-transfer to Jolene’s email address (Momfirst_2000@yahoo.com) with your registration submission. Full refunds will be issued if you are not accepted into the meet due to lack of space.


Contact Info

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