Caltaf Track Classic

2021 CALTAF Track Classic

July 23-25, 2021

Open Meet

Foothills Athletic Park – Calgary, AB




Hosted by

CALTAF Athletic Association


Sanctioned By

Athletics Canada


Athletics Alberta


Entry Fees

Individual Events: $30

In case the event has to be cancelled due to Covid you will receive a full refund.

Covid Regulations

We will be requesting that all athletes, coaches, officials, volunteer and Spectators abide by the Social Spacing rule. If you feel safer wearing a mask then that is your choice. Please be considerate of others and their right to safety when moving around the track or in the stands.

Coaches: Coaches will be required to register in advance to receive their coaching pass to be able to access the track and warm up zone. Coaches’ passes will be picked up at the gate.

All warm ups will be done in the track area (as long as not interfering with the events on the track) and surrounding parking lots and green spaces. The soccer fields will not be available.

Spectators. At this point spectators will be allowed into the stands to watch the meet. We are asking that they do their own social spacing while watching.

Safety first for all…..

Invitational Sponsored Events – NEW

The Following Canadian Olympian have decided to sponsor their events for the 2021 Caltaf Classic. They are creating a Legacy to their success in representing our country and to promote future Olympians. There will be a $250 prize for the Top Male and Top Female in the following Open events


Tyler competed in the 400 and 4 X 400m relay in the 2008 Beijing Olympics


Marco is competing in the 800m this year 2021 in Tokyo.

Prizes for the Open Meet

Prizes will be determined by World Athletics scoring tables and will be presented to both male and female.

  • 1st place – $400 cash
  • 2nd place – $100 cash & Saucony Shoes ($150 Value)
  • 3rd place – Saucony Shoes ($150 Value) & $100 Strides Gift Card
  • 4th place – Saucony Shoes ($150 Value)
  • 5th place – Strides $50 Gift Card


  • All athletes must be registered with Athletics Alberta / Canada

Age Categories

  • U14: born 2008 or 2009 (Open Meet)
  • U16: born 2006 or 2007 (Open Meet)
  • U18: born 2004 or 2005
  • U20 born 2002 or 2003
  • Masters (Open Meet)


Annual Sunday Father’s Day – Race for Gold

  • This year we will be unable to have the actual race for Gold due to the Covid Restrictions. We will however still have the Father’s Day Gold. This is a perennial event where normally fathers and their children “race” down the track for a chance to win 1/2oz of gold (value $1200) , donated by Dr. Cliff Swanlund and the Eau Claire Park Dental Clinic.
  • This year we will be different as we are well past Father’s Day. We do however know that we have many excited parents and siblings attending the July Event. At Admission you will receive a complimentary Raffle Ticket. You may collect one each day that you attend the meet. Please hang on to your tickets from all days as they are your chances to win. The draw will happen at 2PM on Sunday. The only rule is that you must be there to win. Still enjoy the annual tradition but a different way to achieve the gold… Have fun..







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