Caltaf Relays 2009 Results

(Full results available here)

The First Annual series of the Caltaf Relays was a huge success. There were over 200 local Junior High School athletes participating in the May 5 and May 11 meets. The coaches, athletes and parents of Caltaf coached, officiated and volunteered to make these meets the success they were. There was resounding enthusiam from all the athletes and teachers that participated and we expect next year to be even bigger!

Ribbons were awarded to 1st to 10th place winners with medals presented to the Grand aggregate point winners in each of the categories. These winners were:

Senor Men:
Gold Caleb Wong – Tom Baines
Silver Yoga Budiman – Caltaf
Bronze Ben Campbell – SJAM

Intermediate Men:
Gold Mitch McCaw – Rundle College
Silver Karl Wagner – Tom Baines
Bronze Robert Barnett – Woodman

Junior Men:
Gold Francois Conradie – Tom Baines
Silver Tylan Matieshen – Tom Baines
Bronze Freddie Aziz – Tom Baines

Senior Women:
Gold Sarah Farley – SJAM
Gold Nicky Charlesworth – Caltaf
Silver Kelcey Miller – Tom Baines
Bronze Jade Vandenbrink – Tom Baines

Intermediate Women:
Gold Allison Stephen – Caltaf
Silver Rebecca Toffolo – Caltaf
Bronze Melissa Moore – Caltaf

Junior Women:
Gold Chase O’Brien – Caltaf
Silver Emma Martin – Caltaf
Bronze Kendall Chong – Tom Baines

A complete set of results is available here.

The name, Caltaf Relays and our medal design are tributes to our 50 years in existence (2008) as a track and field club in Calgary. The Caltaf Relays was the original name of the Caltaf Classic which is still being held every year in June, normally the Fathers Day weekend. (This year it is June 12, 13 and 14 and entries are accepted from non club athletes as well as club athletes). The medal is also the original design that was used in the Classic in bygone years.

The coaches of Caltaf would like to thank all the athletes who participated and hope to see you next year!