Caltaf Announces New Senior Distance Group Structure

CALGARY, Alberta, May 24, 2019 – CALTAF is pleased to announce a structure change to the Senior Distance Group.  After 20 plus years of coaching with CALTAF, Christine Laverty has made the decision to begin her transition out of coaching.  “I have always coached,” says Christine Laverty, “I have been coaching, in all, 50 years in one sport or another”.

Those athletes that are currently training with Christine will remain in her group and will continue to be coached by Christine through their High School and University years.

Those athletes in Caltaf’s Junior Development Group transitioning to a senior distance group in September of 2019, and those future transitioning athletes will now transition into a group coached by Samantha Read and will continue to be coached by Samantha throughout their track career.  Samantha will continue to be the Head Coach of our Junior Development Group.

“I love coaching and spending time with the athletes”, says Christine, “I love that Caltaf is allowing me to enjoy my last years of coaching.  I have enjoyed working with the Board, the other coaches, and most importantly my athletes”.

Caltaf, while saddened for the eventual loss of such a fantastic coach and incredible contributor to Track & Field in Canada, we are also excited for Christine.  We believe that the transition proposed will service the needs of both our coaching staff and our athletes.  The distance groups in Caltaf have always been a dominant force, and we look forward to this continued success.

Please direct all questions regarding the new structure to Paula in the Caltaf Office.