JD Group – Caltaf Classic

Posted by on Jun 23, 2018 in General News

The 2018 Caltaf Classic is in the books and what a meet it was! Our JD athletes overcame challenging weather conditions on Saturday and put up big marks all weekend long.  At the conclusion of the meet, the JD athletes set a total of 128 Personal Bests and Ella C set a new Meet Record in the Midget Girls  300m, 39.93.

OVERALL  Bantam Boys – Saturday                               

3rdKarl P, Roenen C, 5thKeon R, 6thMax P, 11thJosh R, Ben F, 15thTeni S, 19thOwen D

OVERALL Bantam Boys – Sunday

3rdJosh R, 5thCarter P, 9thKarl P, Max P, 13thKeon R, 15thBen F, Owen D

OVERALL Bantam Girls – Saturday               

4thAllison U, 8thMarissa T, 17thOlivia M

OVERALL Bantam Girls – Sunday

7thMarissa T, 14thNicola H, 22ndIvie E, Sydney V, Alexi W, Alexis N, Cadence K

Top Midget Finishers

100mElla C 12.57 1st, Claire M 13.24 10th

200mClaire M 27.55 12th

300mElla C 39.93 1stNew Meet Record, Jaya B 43.17 4th, Elissa G 45.45 12th

800mElla C 2:16.09 1st, Jaya B 2:17.47 2nd,

1200m Jessica S 4:42.90 19th

80mHKya M 13.02 6thDanijela M 13.67 9th, Claire M 13.93 15th

200mHSarah F 30.19 4th, Danijela M 30.22 5th, Kya M 30.26 7th, Sydney K 31.50 10th

1500m SteeplechaseEsmé M 6:36.59 4th

High JumpSarah F 1.50m 2nd, Danijela M 1.40m 4th, Sabine S 1.35m 9th

Long JumpSarah F 4.90m 7th, Elissa G 4.38m 9thKylie G 4.29m 11th

Triple JumpKylie G 10.10m 4th, Sable B 9.65m 7th

Shot PutSarah S 9.40m 3rd, Kylie G 8.00m 8th

DiscusSarah F 23.43 2nd, Sarah S 22.29m 3rd, Lexie S 20.00m 8th

HammerLexie S 20.69m

JavelinMeghan P 21.20m 10th, CJ S 12.93m 16th


100mCaiden S 11.52 3rd, Enkh-Orgil E 12.02 12th

200mCaiden S 23.91 5th, Enkh-Orgil E 24.34 8th

300mEnkh-Orgil E 38.21 3rd, Emiliano V 39.84 5th

800mEmiliano V 2:12.53 4th, Calvin W 2:18.64 10th

1200mCalvin W 3:51.87 8th, Nicholas E 3:56.40 8th

100mHAlex L 14.89 3rd

200mHAlex L 28.12 5th, Emiliano V 29.06 7th, Jaxon T 31.45 8th

1500m SteeplechaseJackson H 5:57.29

High JumpAlex L 1.55m 6th, Lucas P 1.45m 9thJulian R 1.45m 11th, Jake M 1.40m 12th, James M 1.45m 13th

Pole VaultJulian R 2.50m 2nd, Jaxon T 2.40m 4th

Long JumpAlex L 5.36m 8th, Emiliano V 5.17m 10th

Triple JumpAlex L 10.80 4th, Thomas E 10.36m 7th, Caiden S 9.99m 8th

Shot PutCameron K 12.38m 2nd, Caiden S 12.25m 3rd, Tyler S 10.78 4th

DiscusCaiden S 34.15m 2nd, Charles J 30.49m 7th, Nicholas E 26.81m 8th, Nicolas O 26.42 9th, Thomas E 24.25m 10th, Jake M 18.21m 11th

HammerCaiden S 24.69m 2nd, Nicolas O 21.23m 3rd

JavelinCameron K 40.26m 1st, Tyler S 31.76m 6th, Jaxon T 27.67m 7th, Aidan D 27.09m 8th, Charles J 23.36m 10th

Congratulations everyone!

Full Results can be found at: http://caltaf.com/trackclassic/