Jack Simpson Open – January 7, 2018

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After a nice holiday break filled with turkey, chocolate, cookies and sleeping in, the JD Group was back at it at the Jack Simpson Open. The goodies of late December fueled the team to 22 personal bests. For many athletes, this was their first time running the 400m and the marks the group set were outstanding!  Congratulations Jaya, Sarah, Sydney, Kya, Meghan, Tyler, Jack and Josh. Other highlights of the competition were Alexis setting a 23 second personal best in the 1200m, Kya running 10.09 in the 60m Hurdles and Caiden running 18.89 in the 150m.

Great job team!

Personal Bests

Ivie E 60m, 150m

Hayley K 150m

Alexis N 1200m

Kylie G 60m

Elissa G 60m

Sable B 60m

Carlee M 60m

Sable B 150m

Charlotte I 60m

Julia W 60m, 150m

Kya M 60m, 60m Hurdles

Roenen C 60m, 150m

Josh R 150m

Tyler S 150m

Jaxon T 150m

Caiden 60m

Alex L 150m

Jack A 150m

12 Year Old Girls

60m – Amoya H 3rd, 9.11, Ivie E 5th 9.56, Apoline R 16th 10.67

150m – Ivie E 4th 24.41, Hayley K 8th 24.64, Apoline R 16th 28.17

1200m – Hayley K 3rd 5:05.64

13 Year Old Girls

60m – Alexi W 4th 9.26

150m – Alexi W 6th 24.04

400m – Manpreet A 3rd 1:14.04

1200m – Alexis N 3rd 4:35.41, Anna H 4th 4:41.34

4x200m 2nd – Hayley K, Aja T, Apoline R, Manpreet A 2:31.37

14 Year Old Girls

60m – Sarah F 1st 8.36, Kylie G 3rd 8.73, Elissa G 4th 8.75, Sable B 6th 8.96, Meghan P 8th 9.11, Livy B 10th 9.31, Carlee M 11th 9.68

150m – Sarah F 1st 20.58, Elissa G 21.64, Sable B 4th 21.77, Meghan P 5th 22.04, Kylie 6th 22.04, Carlee 11th 24.10,

400m – Jaya B 1st 1:05.33, Sarah F 2nd 1:06.99, Sydney C 4th 1:09.43, Meghan P 5th 1:10.35

1200m – Jessica S 4th 4:46.83

Sarah F - 400m JSO 2018

Sarah F, 400m start PC S.Read

Sydney C - 400m JSO 2018

Sydney C, 400m start JSO 2018 PC S.Read

15 Year Old Girls

60m – Charlotte I 1st 8.10, Julia W 3rd 8.60, Mykaela S 4th 8.70, Kya M 5th 8.80, Danijela M 8th 8.99, Kayla R 11th 9.06

150m – Charlotte I 1st 19.99, Julia W 3rd 20.78, Mykaela S 5th 21.43, Danijela M 10th 22.40, Kayla R 13th 22.75

400m – Kya M 2nd 1:10.09

60m Hurdles – Kya M 2nd 10.09, Sarah F 3rd 10.23, Danijela M 4th 10.58

4x200m Relay – 1st Kya M, Aja T, Sable B, Jaya B 1:57.57, 3rd Charlotte I, Elissa G, Kylie G, Mykaela S 2:04.70, 4th Tatiana R, Sydney C, Carlee M, Alexi W 2:08.12

Charlotte at the start of the 4x200m JSO 2018

Charlotte at the start of the 4x200m Relay PC S.Read

12 Year Old Boys

60m – Roenen C 2nd 9.11, Carter P 3rd 9.23

150m – Roenen C 2nd 22.01, Carter P 3rd 23.16

13 Year Old Boys

60m – Karl P 1st 9.68

150m – Josh R 1st 23.05

400m – Josh R 1st 1:12.41

4x200m – 1st Karl P, Weston S, Matthew F, Ephrem F 2:25.30

14 Year Old Boys

60m – Malcolm B 5th 8.67, Jake M 9th 9.03, Julian R 10th 9.10

150m – Tyler S 1st 19.70, Malcolm B 7th 21.45, Jaxon T 8th 21.81, Julian R 9th 21.91, Jake M 10th 21.92

400m – Tyler S 2nd 1:00.48

15 Year Old Boys

60m – Caiden S 2nd 7.75, Alex l 8th 8.14

150m – Caiden S 3rd 18.87, Alex L 8th 19.73, Jack A 9th 21.53

400m – Jack A 2nd 1:07.27

60m Hurdles – Alex L 1st 9.53, Tyler S 2nd 9.94, Jaxon T 3rd 11.17

4x200m – 2nd Malcolm B, Jack A, Joshua R, Tyler S 2:01.05

Jack, Malcolm, Tyler, Josh - 4x200m - JSO 2018

Midget Boys 4x200m Relay – Jack, Malcolm, Tyler, Josh PC S.Read


Midget Girls 4x200m Teams - JSO 2018

Midget Girls Relay Teams! PC S.Read

Bantam-Cheetah 4x200m - JSO 2018

Bantam-Cheetah 4x200m Relay Teams PC S.Read

Dino Indoor Series Point Totals after 2 Competitions:

12 Year Old Girls4th Amoya H, 9th Hayley K, 11th Ivie E, 14th Adelina H, 14th Julia B

12 Year Old Boys3rd Carter P, 5th Roenen C

13 Year Old Girls6th Alexi W, 8th Alexis N, 10th Manpreet A, 11th Allie R, 12th Anna H

13 Year Old Boys2nd Josh R, 3rd Karl P,

14 Year Old Girls2nd Sarah F, 4th Jaya B, 5th Elissa G, 6th Meghan P, 7th Kylie G, 10th Sydney C, 12th Sable B, 14th Jessica S

14 Year Old Boys1st Tyler S, 8th Malcolm B, 17th Julian R, 17th Jaxon T, 17th Jake M

15 Year Old Girls1st Charlotte I, 4th Kya M, 6th Julia W, 10th Ella C, 11th Mykaela, 14th Danijela M

15 Year Old Boys1st Caiden S, 6th Jack A, 7th Alex L, 12th Emiliano V

Full results can be found at:  http://calgarytrackcouncil.com/2018/JSOresults.pdf