The Junior Development Program is for athletes that are born between 2005 and 2003 (Grade 6 to Grade 9). New athletes are always welcome.

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The Junior Development Program runs from the beginning of September until the beginning of July. The group meets three times a week, but the level of commitment is determined by the athlete and his or her family.

Like all Junior Development athletics programs in Canada, Caltaf’s program includes cross-country running, track events (sprints, hurdles, middle and long distance), and field events (high jump, long jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin and discus). Athletes are encouraged to participate in a variety of events to discover those they most enjoy and wish to compete in, rather than specializing in any one event. Athletes compete throughout the year at meets in Calgary, Edmonton and sometimes in other venues such as Medicine Hat.

The Junior Development program is separated into three distinct seasons:

Season one
The first season runs from early September through to the end of October focusing mostly on the cross-country season. Athletes will develop conditioning and fitness while training outdoors.

Season two
The second season runs from January to the end of March and takes place completely indoors. There are usually several indoor meets during this season for Junior Development athletes to compete in.

Season three
The third season runs from April through to the beginning of July. This season takes place completely outdoors and contains the most opportunities for athletes to compete in meets.

The Junior Development group meets three times a week usually either at the University, Mount Royal University, the Foothills Athletic Park, the Glenmore Athletic Park, or at Canmore Park depending on the time of year.

A map of all the Caltaf training locations can be found here.