Caltaf Caribbean Training Camp 2018

Posted by on Apr 2, 2018 in General News

Update from Coach Christine:

On Wednesday, March 21, Coach Christine Laverty, Coach Juerg Meister and 22 athletes, headed to Tobago for their annual spring training camp. Of the 22 athletes only 4 were returnees. The remaining 18 were extremely excited to be getting out of the snow and visiting a Caribbean island to run, race and train for the first time.

Thursday was a day of adjustment but Friday was full scale training. This was a surprise as everyone was competing the next day in the annual Falcon Games. With the main national stadium under repair, the athletes headed to Shaw Park for the competition. At the Falcon Games, we were greeted by the Local Government Officials and the Meet Director. We were made to feel very welcome and a hint was dropped that perhaps we could return for one more year to celebrate the opening of the National Stadium. Time will tell.

But for this year the games were at Shaw Park. The athletes were impressed to see a full scale track all on grass. This might prove to be fantastic for training but a little harder to PB off of. The main goal therefor for the day was chase the trophies, and chase we did. Many athlete brought home at least one memento for their showcases at home. For the first time the young athletes were treated as celebrities and many were asked for photos with the locals.

Sunday and Monday were hard training days. Running, Med Ball, Physio band work, hopping drills, lower leg, monster circuit – just how much can these coaches put into 3 sessions each day?

Tuesday was the day off and the group headed for “No Man’s Island” for a day of boating, snorkeling and picnicking.

Wednesday was regular training, which just so you know, took in another three sessions that day!

Thursday we crossed the island to train at the Speyside Park. This was another grass track but at least this one had a completed long jump pit. The one at Shaw was under construction, and actually under construction, complete with dump trucks, during the meet. It is the Caribbean way! In the evening, we were all the guests of the Meet Director, Durly Lucas for a team BBQ at his home. This was amazing food and definitely something appreciated by each athlete.

Friday was back to hard work, but this too was followed up with an evening of celebration as one of our athletes celebrated her 17th birthday in the Caribbean. The locals came in and DJ’d for the group. The evening was complete with birthday cake, music and dancing. Some of the boys got to show their moves on the dance floor, others got to learn some new moves!

Saturday, as usual, was the hardest workout day of all…. Even some of the sprinters asked if they could get in on the 200m Workout! Exhausted but happy with the effort, training camp came to an end. Of course there was one final day at the beach… Back to pack and then off to the airport.

Thanks again to the friendly Tobago people and their great hospitality.

Thanks again to all the athletes for representing themselves, their club and country well throughout the trip.

See you next year at Camp 2019!