The best way to end the season – Legion Nationals – Brandon, Manitoba

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Off to Brandon

Off to Brandon

There is nothing better than seeing your athletes reach their goals and this weekend was magical!

Our team went to Brandon and came home as superstars. In every event that our JD athletes contested our Legion 10 gave it their all.  To see Ally set multiple personal bests on her way to the 200mH finals, to Huw setting a personal best in all 3 of his distance events, Jordan fighting hard in the 100m and 200m, Sadie producing a smooth race after a short break, Matthew WINNING his section of the Steeplechase and running like I knew he could and deep down he knew as well, to Emiley setting a personal best in both the Long Jump and High Jump. The reward of seeing Kya run a great hurdles race after her hard fought battle to earn her spot at Nationals, Elizabeth in the 300m and Evan in the 1500m Steeplechase showing such determination in their races and the sheer joy (and tears…happy ones) after Ella’s 300m race summed up the pride and joy all of us coaches have felt about this team.

You guys are awesome!

To see that we have 10 Caltaf JD athletes in the Top 20 in CANADA is so exciting. Congratulations on a fantastic season!

Ella C, 300m 40.47

National Silver Medallist

Ella 300m Silver Medallist

Personal Bests

Huw 1200m, 2000m, 1500m Steeplechase

Matthew 2000m, 1500m Steeplechase

Ally 200m Hurdles heat and 200m Hurdles FINAL

Emiley Long Jump and High Jump

Ella 300m

A big thank you to Bill, Emma, Siri, Teneshia, Ed, Jim, Greg, Tom, Paula, Les, the Caltaf BOD, parents and of course ALL of our JD athletes.

The excitement, joy, feelings of accomplishment and pride will last a long time.

Thank you team,



They Just DID it

They “Just DID it” – Brandon 2017


Caltaf JD Results:

80mH:  Sadie 13.33 11th and Kya 13.49 14th

Sadie & Kya 80mH PC S.Read

Sadie and Kya 80mH PC S.Read

100m:  Ella 13.21, 18th and Jordan 11.80 10th in the 100m

Jordan 100m PC S. Read

Jordan 100m heats. PC S.Read

300m: Ella 41.32 3rd in qualifying, Elizabeth 42.54 6th in qualifying, Ally 43.20, 12th.

1200m: Huw 3:26.62 PB, Matthew 3:29.30

200mH: Ally 29.52 P.B. 4th in the qualifying round

2000m: Huw 6:06.68 (5 sec P.B.) 2nd in section 1, 10th Overall, Matthew 6:08.75 (13 sec P.B.) 5th in section 1, 13th Overall

300m F: Ella 40.47 (almost a full second PB), 2nd, National Silver Medallist, Elizabeth 43.26 8th

Long Jump: Emiley 4.94m (PB) 8th

Emiley PC V. Morgan

Emiley 8th Long Jump PC V. Morgan

200mH F: Ally 29.10 PB, 5th

Ally 200m H

Ally 200m Hurdles 5th PC S.Read

800m: Ella 2:22.86, 12th

200m: Jordan 24.17 10th

1500m Steeplechase: Huw 4:35.94 (3 sec PB), 5th, Matthew 4:37.92 (7 sec PB) 6th, Evan 5:05.65, 19th

The Steeplechase Men

The Steeplechase Men – Matthew, Evan & Huw PC V.Morgan

High Jump: Emiley 1.55m 4th (5cm PB), Ally 1.35m 12th

Full results can be found at:

IMG_4028IMG_0370IMG_4013unnamed-2Ella and Ally