Sherwood Park Track Classic – Provincials

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21 Junior Development athletes travelled up to Sherwood Park for the 2017 Outdoor Provincial Championships. They had an excellent meet and by Sunday afternoon our group set 19 personal bests and we came home with 4 Provincial Champions, 4 Silver Medalists and 5 Bronze Medalist.

Great job team!

Midget Provincial Champions

Ella C – 300m

Emiley B – Long Jump

Cameron K – Javelin

Elizabeth V – Pole Vault

Silver Medalist

Allyson C – 200mH

Kya M – Pentathlon

Emiley B – Triple Jump

Emiley B – High Jump 

Bronze Medalist

Elizabeth V – 300m

Danielle P – Pentathlon

Jordan G – 200m

Matthew F – 1500m Steeplechase

Alex L – Pentathlon 

Congratulations to our athletes that set a Personal Best

Cameron K – Discus, Javelin

Kya M – 80mH

Caiden S – Discus

Claire M – 100m, 80mH, Long Jump

Meghan P – 80mH, Long Jump

Allyson C – 100m, 200m

Danijela M – 100m

Marcus G – 1500m Steeplechase

Ella C – 300m, 1200m

Jordan G – 300m

Emiliano V – 300m

Josh R – 80mH, Discus

Elizabeth V – 200m


Claire M 100m 13.73

Alex L Pentathlon Long Jump 5.31m

Bantam Girls 80m

Claire M 1st 11.32, Meghan P 4th 11.75

Bantam Girls 100m

Claire M 1st 13.73, Meghan P 4th 14.42 (beat previous record)

Bantam 80mH

Claire M 2nd 14.38 (broke the previous meet record), Meghan P 3rd 14.44 (broke the previous meet record)

Bantam Girls High Jump

Claire M 9th 1.10m, Meghan P 9th 1.10m

Bantam Girls Long Jump

Meghan P 1st 4.19m, Claire M 3rd 4.13m, Sable B 4th 4.08m

Bantam Girls Discus

Meghan P 3rd 18.23, Sable B 7th 15.81m

Bantam Girls Shot Put

Meghan P 2nd 6.97m, Sable B 4th 6.53m

Bantam Boys 

Josh R 100m 9th 14.89, 7th 80mH 15.98, 6th HJ – 1.25m, 4th Discus 20.68m, 4th Long Jump 4.07m

Midget Girls 80mH

Kya M 4th 13.38

Kya on her way to making the Legion standard! PC S.Read

Kya on her way to making the Legion standard! PC S.Read

Midget Girls 100m

Allyson C 8th 13.63, Emiley B 9th 13.66, Julia W 13th 14.04, Elizabeth V 15th 14.19, Danijela M 18th 14.72

Midget Girls 200m

Allyson C 5th 27.98, Elizabeth V 6th 28.02

Midget Girls 300m

Ella C 1st 41.27, Elizabeth V 3rd 42.74, Danielle P 8th 444.97


Ella C 6th 4:00.35

Midget Girls 200mH

Allyson C 2nd 29.79, Kya M 5th 31.10, Danijela M 6th 31.81

Midget Girls Pentathlon

Kya M 2nd – 14.40/1.31m/6.75m/3.98m/2:48.31 (2026), Danielle P 3rd – 19.86/1.13m/8.10m/4.44m/2:59.08 (1490)

Danielle P 3rd Pentathlon

Danielle P 3rd Pentathlon PC S.Read

Midget Girls Long Jump

Emiley B 1st 4.91m, Julia W 4th 4.56m

Emiley B - Provincial Champion Long Jump PC S.Read

Emiley B – Provincial Champion Long Jump PC S.Read

Midget Girls Triple Jump

Emiley B 2nd 9.70m

Midget Girls High Jump

Emiley B 2nd 1.50m, Allyson C 5th 1.35m, Danijela M 9th 1.30m

Midget Girls Shot Put

Eden B 4th 8.89m, Bintou C 6th 8.76m

Midget Girls Hammer

Eden B 4th 26.31m

Midget Girls Javelin

Danielle P 7th 15.16m

Midget Girls Discus

Bintou C 5th 22.44m, Eden B 6th 19.18m

 Midget Girls Pole Vault

Elizabeth V 1st

Elizabeth V attempting 2.10m

Elizabeth V attempting 2.10m, 1st PC S.Read

Midget Boys 100m

Jordan G 6th 12.18, Caiden S 14th 12.57

Midget Boys 200m

Jordan G 3rd 24.30, Caiden S 12th 25.77

Midget Boys 300m

Jordan G 4th 38.17, Emiliano V 12th 41.69

Midget Boys 800m

Emiliano V 11th 2:15.75

Midget Boys 2000m

Matthew F 5th 6:29.32, Evan V 8th 6:58.12, Marcus G 10th 7:25.97

Midget Boys 200mH

Emiliano V 6th 31.69

Midget Boys 1500m Steeplechase

Matthew F 3rd 4:49.22, Evan V 6th 5:10.03, Marcus G 7th 5:18.19

Midget Boys Shot Put

Cameron D 4th 10.32m, Caiden S 5th 9.72m

Midget Boys Discus

Cameron K 5th 28.90m, Caiden S 6th 28.83m

Midget Boys Javelin

Cameron K 1st 38.15m

Cameron K - Provincial Champion - Javelin PC S. Read

Cameron K – Provincial Champion – Javelin PC S. Read

Midget Boys Long Jump

Cameron K 10th 4.57m, Emiliano V 11th 4.55m

Midget Boys Pentathlon

Alex L 3rd 15.77/5.31m/9.11m/1.57m/3:23.59 (2391)

Congratulations to our Bantam athletes!

Mehghan P - Day 2 Champion PC S.Read

Meghan P – Day 1 Champion PC S.Read

Meghan P - Day 2 Champion - PC S.Read

Meghan P – Day 2 Champion – PC S. Read

Josh R. PC S.Read

The Caltaf Bantam Boys placed 8th overall in the Team Rankings with our lone athlete, Josh R. PC S.Read



Sable B PC S.Read

Sable B PC. S.Read

Full results can be found at: