JD Results from Cross-Country Provincials (Oct 30)

Congratulations to all of the JD athletes who competed at the Cross-Country Provincial Championships today at Canmore Park:Lauren, Sarah, Marissa, Caitlin, Emma, Heather, Rhea,Kiannah, Max, Addy, Sean, Harry, Sahad, Claudia, James andEric. Among them, these sixteen athletes produced some outstanding results, with eleven athletes taking home a provincial medal! What a great start to the year! Congratulations to you all!

I was especially impressed with the results of our newest athletes, who ran extremely well and with such confidence: Sarah, Lauren,Marissa, Caitlin, Kiannah, Addy, Harry, Sahad, Claudia andJames. Anyone watching the races would never have guessed that this was your first provincial championship. Well done new athletes!

I was also very pleased to see those athletes who were competing as a first-year athlete in a two-year age division run so well when competing against older athletes: Marissa, Caitlin, Emma,Heather, Rhea, Kiannah, Harry, Claudia and Eric. This bodes extremely well for next year, when you will run in the same age category that you competed in this year. Well done 1st-year athletes! Good job of keeping up with the older athletes!

Congratulations to our Provincial Champions and Gold MedalistsSarah, Marissa, Caitlin and Emma, to our Provincial Silver Medalists Lauren, Max, Addy, Sean, Harry and Claudia, and to our Provincial Bronze medalist James. Well done athletes!

In the bantam girls’ race, 2nd year bantam Sarah finished an impressive 7th of 24 athletes, while 1st year bantams Marissa,Caitlin and Emma finished 12th, 15th and 17th respectively. The girls’ combined point total of 51 points earned them the gold medal. Although there were no other teams entered in the race, the girls all ran extremely well, and earned those gold medals and the title of Provincial Champions. An impressive start to the year ladies! In that same race, 1st year bantams Heather finished 19th, while Rhea was 23rd and Kiannah was 24th. Well run ladies!

Marissa – I have your medal and will bring it to the training session on Monday.

In the peewee girls’ race, new athlete Lauren finished 12th of 41 athletes and teamed up with CALTAF Cheetah athletes IndiaMcIsaac who finished 3rd, Katrina Ghali, who finished 4th andAnika Vogelgesang, who finished 19th, to win the team silver medal with a combined point total of just 38 points. The girls finished an impressive 2nd of seven teams. Well done Provincial Silver Medalists!!

In the bantam boys’ race, Max finished an impressive 7th of 25 athletes, while Addy was 17th, Sean was 20th, first-year bantamHarry was 21st and Sahad was 22nd. The combined point total of 7th, 17th, 20th and 21st earned Max, Addy, Sean and Harry the team silver medal. Well done Provincial Silver Medalists!

Harry and Addy – I have your medals and will bring them to the training session on Monday.

In the midget women’s race, 1st year midget Claudia looked very strong and finished 13th of 27 athletes. Claudia teamed up with CALTAF Provincial Development athletes Brianna Ghali who finished 6th, Ellie Hirst who finished 8th, and Emily Wilson-Bodnar who finished 17th, to win the team silver medal. The girls’ combined point total of 44 points, placed them 2nd of three teams. Congratulations Claudia – Provincial Silver Medalist!

In the midget men’s race, new athlete James finished 27th of 34 athletes, and teamed up with CALTAF Provincial Development athletes Cuauhti Olguin who finished 3rd, Harvir Nijar who finished 7th and Brent Bester who finished 17th, to win the team bronze medal. The boys’ combined point total of 54 points placed them 3rd of six teams. In that same race, first-year midget Ericfinished 34th. Well done boys!

James – I have your medal and will bring it to the training session on Monday.

My heartiest congratulations to all of the JD athletes who competed today. You have trained very hard this cross-country season, at times enduring appalling weather. You earned these great results. Well done!

The complete results will eventually be posted atathleticsalberta.com. Just click on “results” near the top right of the main page and follow the links. It may take a day or two for the results to be posted. This email will also be posted on the CALTAF website caltaf.com.